Smart Ass Mini Game – A review

When I was offered the Smart Ass Mini game to review I was keen as I love playing games with Ben. I was a little unsure that a game that just comprises of cards could be fun but it actually is pretty good. There is basically 90 question cards and the first person to answer 4 cards correctly wins.

There are four different types of cards as you can see in the pictures here so different ones can be used for younger children. It is aimed at children 12 and upwards though looking through the questions I think with some support and clues younger children maybe aged 8 and above may manage. The set is available on Amazon for £7.99 which whilst more expensive than a quiz book is still good for a game like this I think.


The game is ideal for travelling either in the car or on public transport as the cards are easy to take out and about. They are a similar size to standard playing cards. If space is limited for taking them out there is no reason they would need to be kept in the box and an elastic band would do the trick. I guess it would be good on an aeroplane too when apps and electronics aren’t as easy to use.


This box can be used as a mini game on its own or as an expansion pack for the bigger game. The bigger game can be found on Amazon if you fancy it for around £20. There are also other expansion packs available so you need never get bored. In the days where so many quizzes are available on free apps this will be more expensive but is something more family orientated. I guess the choice is up to you but for question cards to keep the family occupied on a long journey it would be a good buy depending on the age and knowledge of your children.


This game was given to me in return for an honest review. All opinions above are my own.

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