Songs to make you feel good Part 2

I love a bit of music when I am feeling down and thought that over the course of a few weeks I would share with you some songs that may help lift your moods too. Last week was part 1 and can be found here. Maybe listening to them will just give you a few minutes to yourself to think. Perhaps it will take a little stress away and stop you comfort eating? Or maybe you will just find a little more about me and the sort of music I like. Here is week two, another five songs that make me feel good and why.



I love this one it always just makes me smile, how can it not? Do you prefer this or the old one? I am undecided to be honest!



This is a real feel good tune isn’t it. I loved this song when I was a little girl and have a photo of me dressed up pretending to be Boy George! I might share it with you one day if I haven’t already.



Do you love this song too? It is a real feel good song I think and makes me smile. I remember a lady a few years ago on X factor doing a great version of it too but cant think of her name now!



This song reminds me of my university days, I love the song and it makes you feel like dancing. Anyone who I was at university with will remember this was very much “Jenny’s song”.



This song brings back lots of memories for me. It was played everywhere when I was pregnant and Ben always kicked me from the inside when it played (probably as it was loud). when he was born and for the first year of his life whenever it was played anywhere he would stop and look around as if he recognised it. He never did that with any other music so I really think there is something about this song he loved even before he was born.


What songs make you smile? Are any of mine in your favourites too?

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