Ideas to Get the Summer Party Rocking

Have you got party fever? Maybe you can’t wait for the excuse of Christmas to get people together for a bit of fun and games. Worry not! Summer can be just a good excuse as any to enjoy yourselves.

Stock up on drinks (alcoholic or non!) and gather the guests. All you need to do is make the place look good, that’s where this post comes in. We’ve put together some amazing, fun and colourful party decorations to make your guests go “Wow!”

Centre Pieces

Amazing centrepieces can act as a great talking point at your party and there are plenty of options to go for. Consider hollowing out pineapples and watermelons for a fruit vase, perfect for displaying colourful flower arrangements.

Alternatively, watermelons make a fantastic jug, simply scoop out the fruit flesh, pop in a tap and fill with your favourite summer beverage. Sangria is a particular summer drink that always goes down a treat with guests and looks great finished with some strawberries, cucumber and mint leaves.

For a simple table decoration, float some citronella candles in shallow glasses with flowers, add a few drops of food colouring if you want to be bold but clear water works nicely too. Not only does this decoration look good but citronella candles keep the bugs and mosquitos away.

Tableware & Table Settings

Ditch the boring white paper plates and consider an eco-friendly approach with some biodegradable tableware made from sugarcane and palm leaves. Or spruce up your tableware with washi tape, it’s inexpensive and available in an entire catalogue of colours and designs, perfect for wrapping round cutlery and cups.

Get creative with your napkins, folding them into some interesting table pieces like flowers, swans or even a slice of watermelon. There are some great napkin folding or origami instructions available online.

If you’re partying outside, use cupcake cases to cover drinks and poke a straw through the middle, low hassle, no faff and it’ll keep your drinks free of pesky bugs. You can also get some plain cupcake cases and decorate them to suit your theme or look for one of the many fun designs available from polka dots to popular characters, like Spiderman or Paw Patrol. Perfect for the kids!

Keeping Cool

The hardest part of a summer party is keeping the drinks cool. Ice is great, but it tends to water drinks down making them lose their appeal. Luckily, there are some clever ideas available. Freeze grapes to use in wine and espresso to use in iced coffees. Scoop soft fruits using a melon baller and pop in the freezer, it’s a tasty alternative to ice cubes that go great in liqueurs and cocktails.

Alternatively, get rid of the drinks altogether and freeze a selection of alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) ice lollies, serve in a glass for true sophistication. This is sure to entertain your guests and is a nice after dinner treat.


Set the party feel with some great summer decorations, fairy lights hung from parasols, along fences or even down the side of footpaths creates a magical feel while providing light when the sun starts to dip.

Consider hanging a large picture frame from a tree with a nice background. It makes a brilliant photo opportunity for your guests and you can even get fun with some accessories, break out the fake moustaches and funky wigs. Just like your own photo booth.

If you really wanted to go all out, consider holding your next summer party at a dedicated events venue, like Oscars in Nottingham. Their dedicated events team will work with you from start to finish, ensuring your summer party is THE summer event to attend. All you need to do is generate the guest list and get the invites sent out. Party – Sorted!

Don’t wish your summer away waiting for an excuse to get together. Time is short, and friends are what makes the party shine, so get your summer shoes on and go organise your next summer do.


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