4 Tips for Choosing the Right Family Car

When it comes to buying a family car, this is an important purchase that requires a lot of thought. While you may have previously picked a vehicle based on its speed or aesthetic, when it comes to transporting your family, it’s safety, space and practicality that are the main concerns.

As such, if you are getting ready to buy your first family car and are unsure where to start, here are some tips to help.

Body Type

There are now a larger range of body types than ever before, each with their own perks and drawbacks. This includes hatchbacks and saloons, to roomy estates, as well as spacious people carriers and mini crossover SUVs.

With such a large choice, it can be difficult to know which is right for your family. For example, hatchbacks are often more fuel efficient, meaning they could be ideal for working parents. However, an SUV offers more room, built-in storage and entertainment solutions, making it an excellent option.

To get a feel of what you need and see how each type would work for your family, visit a dealership to test drive a range of different cars.

Car Seats

Did you know that many traditional five-seater cars only support two cars seats in the rear? This is something that you may not have realised or considered but depending on the size of your family, it could be crucial when it comes to deciding which car is right for your family.

If you need a vehicle that can support more car seats, search for an option that has a full seatbelt system in the middle that has been designed to fit an additional seat.

Pram Space

If you have little ones then you’ll probably need a car that can fit a pram. As such, when looking at vehicle, take your pram with you.

While this probably shouldn’t be a deciding factor – a pram can be replaced if you find a car that has a higher safety rating, for example – it could help you to assess if the space is adequate, making sure the car is practical and will work for your family.

Passenger Airbag

There has been a lot of debate about rear-facing car seats, with some parents who use them and others who don’t. If this is a form of car seat you use, then it’s essential to check airbag settings.

In order to use a rear-facing child seat in the front, you must be able to turn off the passenger airbag. As such, to keep your little ones safe, check that the car’s system allows for this option.

While no two families are the same, hopefully these tips will help make your car search a little easier. Furthermore, make sure you also consider the overall price, safety ratings, insurance group and fuel economy of a car before buying.


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