A Summer Project for Older Children and Teenagers – Zu3D Stop Motion

With the summer holidays approaching so is every parents panic. How will we keep the kids entertained for 6 weeks whilst avoiding them being stuck in front of screens all the time. When the weather is nice or we have lots of spare time it is easier to get the children doing things isn’t it. Or maybe take them out for the day.


Of course we are only human though and if like me you work from home or maybe you have other responsibilities you just can’t entertain them all the time. How about giving them a project to do? The Zu3D kits contain all the basics that your child or teenager needs to make their very own Stop Motion movie.

What are Zu3D kits?

Zu3D kits include all you need to create your own stop motion movie. Obviously if you have bigger dreams then you may buy or build a bigger set but for a simple little animation this is perfect.

Included is a webcam for use with a pc, mobile phone tripod, green screen background, wire figure with magnetic feet, modelling clay to make your own characters, animation handbook, a disc, activation code (for iPad use) and full license for the software.

What does the software do?

The possibilities really are endless. The software allows you to chop and change your growing animation as much as you need to. There is the green screen and drawing tools so you can add in whatever you feel is needed but also a rubber so you can edit out things that you are not so keen on.

There are so many effects you can achieve with layering up scenes and using time lapse. Adding music or a voice over gives so many more options too along with speech bubbles and of course using all these you can really create your own animation.

There are title screens you can add and credits so there is no reason your final animation couldn’t look professional. What teenager or older child wouldn’t love the idea of this as a break from TV or game consoles? Imagine the sense of achievement they will have when the animation is finished?

Value for money?

I can honestly say this kit will last hours in the right hands. It is definitely something for a patient and determined child as it does take time. When the holidays end if the animation isn’t finished it is something they will continue whatever the weather. This is something that will last for weeks or months so for the cost I think it is amazing value for money. The opportunities really are endless.

The kit is available on the Zu3D website for £59.95 alongside family kits with licenses for different computers which are not much more. Also there is a more basic kit available and kits for schools too so there is nothing stopping everyone who wants to from making animations. Take a look in the Zu3D shop for all the available items and order one to keep your sanity and your kids occupied!


I was given the kit to try out and share with you but all opinions above are my own it really is as amazing as I say it is. Well worth the money.

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