Car Maintenance Checklist for Hassle Free Driving

I am not really a car maintenance person and tend to leave these things up to the garage to sort out at the yearly service. I know however that I should really start checking things regularly myself to ensure the car is safe and has no problems. Whilst thinking about this for myself I have put together a checklist for you of things you should look out for and when.

  • Check the condition and pressure of your tyres. Depending on how often you drive this should be around once a fortnight you check this and shouldn’t take long at all.
  • Using the dipstick check your oil around once a month and top up if necessary. If you find you are topping up often get the car checked over as there may be a problem.
  • Check the water level in the car is between the minimum and maximum levels. Only check this when the engine is cold. Don’t forget to check the antifreeze in the autumn ready for winter.
  • Check weekly that your lights are all working well and they are clean.
  • As you drive check the steering doesn’t pull to one side, this can wear tyres unevenly and is really easy to get sorted at the garage.
  • Keep an eye on the windscreen whenever you get in the car for any damage, a little crack can quickly grow so its best to get sorted asap.
  • Windscreen wipers and washer fluid – check the wipers are still effective regularly and change when needed to prevent smearing. Top up the washer fluid when appropriate.
  • Whenever you drop the seats to fit something big in the boot ensure all seatbelts are still accessible when you replace the seats and the seats are firmly in place.
  • Regularly test the brakes are working well especially after going through big areas of water.
  • Check your spare tyre, jack and any tools like a locking wheel nut key are always in the car.

If you are unsure about anything or like me just a little bit daunted by all these things you can always book your car in for a service and have them checked over for you. If you are in the Northampton area book Your Car Servicing at Calmac TyresAutocentre Northampton.

Safe driving this summer and when you take out the de-icer because you know you don’t need it in this weather don’t forget to put it back before winter!

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