FREE Movies & Food for a year for just £1.02

Ok, so I better confess it isn’t entirely free it is 2 for 1 but hey that is still one person free. I can not take the credit for discovering this deal however I have just found out about it and successfully done it myself so I just had to share with you guys. My blog is all about living a happy and healthy life for the average person with an average budget etc. It is perfectly timed for the summer holidays too.

So, how can I do this?

Firstly it may be slightly different in cost, mine was £1.02 but yours may be a little different but not by much eg. My friend Toni’s was £1.05.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Travel Insurance
  3. Select Single Trip and somewhere in the UK you are going (or could be going!) and dates of travel, remember one night is cheapest here.
  4. Enter your date of birth and those who you are travelling with
  5. Select no medical history – you wont be using the travel insurance anyway so it doesn’t matter really but this makes the cover as cheap as possible.
  6. Enter your email address and name, click to confirm terms etc and then get quotes.
  7. Click for more details on the cheapest quote
  8. Click Go to provider
  9. Complete the address, names etc of those “travelling”.
  10. Opt to then buy the insurance and enter your card details.
  11. If they suggest it would be good value to up your cover to a year etc don’t bother unless you will actually use the insurance cover.
  12. Make Note of your Policy Number
  13. Go back to and click your account in the top right hand corner then register.
  14. When you’ve finished signing up and registered you need to enter your Policy number to claim reward.
  15. Once that is all done you can log into the Meerkat Rewards app using the same email and password and claim the code each week for 2 for 1 movies and food.

Sounds like a lot of steps but it really is easy and takes 5 minutes! Comment below and let me know how much you got it for!

Remember you only really have to go to the cinema or for a meal once to make it worth it.

If you like a good bargain you could also sign up for Top Cashback which is free and gives you cashback on purchases online which is pretty cool. Quidco also does the same but some brands have better deals on one than the other so worth checking both out! If you use this link for Quidco and be referred from me you will get £10 too, bonus!


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