Hate the Homework Battle?

We generally don’t have too much trouble getting Ben to do his homework but I am sure it wont be long before it becomes a battle. With that in mind I was happy to hear some tips from a tutor who has some good ideas. Do you have battles? I am sure every child at some point doesn’t want to do their homework!

Hate the homework battle?

Here are our top tips to help you to win the war!

As parents we want to make sure that our children do well at school. However, we don’t have that much control over what they do at school, but we do have control over the work that they bring home. The trouble is, homework isn’t always something that our children want to do. After working hard at school all day, the likelihood that they will want to sit down and put some effort into homework is slim. Which means that it can turn into somewhat of a battle.

Here at 11 Plus Tutors, we want to help parents to take a little more charge over their child’s education, which is why James Goldsmith at 11plustutorsinessex.co.uk has put together our top tips to help you to win the homework war and give your child the support they need.

Remember that they just don’t like it

You will be hard pressed to find a child who is happy to sit and study, especially if they have been at school all day. This means that you need to remind yourself that whilst you know it is important for them to do their homework, they are still not likely to want to do it. Realising this might not help you win the battle, but it will make things that little bit more bearable.

Set a routine

Children thrive on routine, which means if you want your child to be more prepared to tackle their homework, then it makes sense to try and set a routine for them to follow. Aim to do homework at the same time each night and in the same place too. That way, your children will know what is coming and when.

Call it something else

Now, this may sound like a strange one, but sometimes the word homework can be enough to get your child’s back up which can cause a problem for you as a parent. Why not eliminate that particular word from the evening? Call it something else. Ask them if they have any extra studying to do or a special task from their teacher. You may be surprised by how well this can work.

Give your child some control

Children like to feel that they have a little bit of control over what they do. So, why not leave some of the homework decisions up to them? Ask them when they would like to do they homework, ask them where they would like to do their homework. Make an agreement between the two of you and you are sure to see a child who is much more willing to get to the task.

Try to avoid bribery

As parents we are all guilty of trying to bribe our children into doing something that they might not want to do. With homework it might make sense to offer them a reward for doing it. But this can actually cause more of a problem long-term. Instead, you should aim to remind them that doing their homework will help with their grades and their education. Which will give them the push towards getting it finished.

As you can see, homework doesn’t need to be a battle. So, stop drawing those battle lines and instead try and work with your child to get things done.


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  1. Emma Outlaw
    July 8, 2018 / 8:21 pm

    In response to your ‘can I ask a favour, I don’t do slimming world, unfortunately I don’t have the will power for dieting lol, but I enjoy your blogs for other reasons. I enjoy looking through the recipes, they are still good even when not dieting, and I also like the guest/ information posts, like the help with holiday packing the other week and this ones help with homework ( Luke is a pain). Everyone can get something from your blog.

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