Snorkelling in Majorca with Simply Scuba

I shared with you earlier in the year (post here) that we were going on holiday to Majorca again and looking forward to snorkelling with the kits we were sent from Simply Scuba. We had tried the kits on at home and packed them away but never tried them in water so it was to be an experience. Ben was very excited as was Stuart. My friend Julie also had a kit to try but I didn’t as I cant swim.

What is Snorkelling?

Before we looking into trying this I was a little clueless about snorkelling. I guess some of this is because I can’t swim. Ben and Stuart were really keen to go snorkelling though and loved looking through the Simply Scuba website at the different kits.


The principal behind snorkelling is floating on the water surface using the mask and mouthpiece so you can see and breathe under the water. The fins on your feet help you to gently stay afloat in the position so you can look at fish and other sea creatures.


Majorca has a lot of fish in the sea and on previous holidays we have seen them as big as barracudas. We even one year saw an octopus and of course plenty of crabs and molluscs in rock pools. With the snorkelling kits the hope was to see a similar array of creatures.

How did we find the snorkelling kits?

As we were new to the idea of snorkelling the kits were a little fiddly to put on at first though it was soon easy enough. Initially Ben found it rather difficult wearing all the kit but soon got to grips with it. Practising in the hotel swimming pool helped too.


The sizing of the kits were perfect and easily adjusted so exactly as described and the quality was brilliant. There was a marked difference between these quality kits and the cheap ones you can buy in shops along the seafront.


The seals around the mouthpiece and mask were great and we had no problems at all with those. Watching Stuart, Julie and Ben in the kits and having fun actually made me wish I could swim.


What did they see with the snorkelling kits on?

When we are in the sea in Majorca we love to feed the fish. They love bread and come so close when you feed them with the kits on Ben loved seeing them almost feeding from our hands.


Using a pouch for the phone Stuart took some underwater photos which was nice. Unfortunately whilst there were lots of different fish there were no other creatures they saw with the kits on. Maybe next holiday though.


Where to next?

We are soon going away to Skegness for a week so may take them there. The next proper adventure will be the next holiday abroad though which will probably be Majorca again as we love it there but we are considering other locations so I will keep you updated! Now Ben has had lots of practise with it there will be no stopping him!


Have you ever been snorkelling? What did you see? Is it something you would love to try?


Why not pop and check out the Simply Scuba Snorkelling range and treat yourself for your next holiday.

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