Travelling – how times have changed

The other day I was chatting to a friend over coffee about how times have changed. I am only 37 and in my lifetime I can think of so many major changes to transport and travelling that kids today would find puzzling. I thought I would share some of them to give you a giggle and if you remember any others please do comment them in the comments section at the end of the post.

It is not just the style of cars that have changed and the colour choices – look at the mustard one above! There are so many changes to technology too and safety, some gave me a real giggle.

Can you imagine now having to reach over and unlock each door one at a time without central locking? Then use the handle to undo each window?

Did you have an AA map book in your car and replace it every year? Now we use our mobile phones or there are so many good offers on Satellite Navigation systems from brands like Garmin. Now who needs a map book when we can listen to a voice saying “do a u turn when possible”?

Can you remember life before children regularly had car seats and sat on knees, or even in the footwell if you had a big group in one car?

What about public transport? Back in the days before mobile phones and no one would know if you were running late and would just have to wait until you arrived.

Not so long ago trains would have been quieter without mobile phones, smart watches and laptops beeping everywhere. On the other hand though so many areas were full of cigarette smoke and that wasn’t at all pleasant was it.

Nowadays people complain about buses being late but they have always been that way haven’t they. Do you remember bus conductors too? Or before things like this were made disability friendly and had lots of steps?

I think my favourite change has to be the “Sat Nav” systems though. Without them I would be forever pulling over to check for directions. I can remember years ago having one of the first Garmin ones yet now they are so much better value and more advances updating automatically etc. I think many you can even download funny voices to!

Do you have any funny travelling memories? Have you ever got lost because of a Sat Nav? I cant think of a time I have but I did once get on a bus in the complete wrong direction and have to use a pay phone to call my mum and say I would be hours later back – long before mobile phones!



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