Adorable Kids Fashion Trends for Little Girls this Summer

As you all know I only have a boy and Ben is 12 now and to be honest far from little. Ben now wears men’s size medium or large clothes and is almost as tall as me (I am 5ft 9.5″). I am more than happy with just Ben however there is a little bit of me that would love a little girl just because girls clothes are so cute. I think I will settle with just looking at the girly clothes once in a while when I go shopping! My youngest niece is gorgeous as I am sure you will agree so I can buy her and my other niece who is slightly older girly things!

In my opinion little girls should look cute and like little girls not mini adults. A little make up and such is fine but there is definitely a line in my eyes as to when too much is too much. When we were recently on holiday I saw some girls in rather skimpy bikinis which to me seems too much. What do you think do you like to see girls wanting to me like their mum? Do you think they should cover up a bit? Or do you think kids should be kids and it is irrelevant what they wear on the beach they are having fun? Maybe the latest trend is to look skimpy for children? Kids over about 7 or 8 seem to know what the fashions are I think nowadays don’t they? I didn’t when I was young I am sure! As long as they are covered up enough and have sun screen on maybe it doesn’t matter at all?


I love to see girls like my niece in denim skirts and fitted tops and think it looks lovely. They certainly don’t have to wear dresses and be like princesses every day to still look beautiful. I should add this isn’t to say I think girls shouldn’t wear trousers. As long as they are happy that is all that matters isn’t it? Trousers can be so much more practical for things like bike riding, soft play and just leaping around the house!


The most important thing to me is that clothes are what the child wants to wear whether that’s fashionable, designer, or something simple and basic. At the end of the day whatever they wear is likely to be what stores stock and as such in fashion anyway. Have you seen the cute boys and girls clothes from Moschino? You can shop Moschino kids clothing online with some lovely, fun and quirky styles. I love the fact they are all mixed too so just a step away from not even labelling clothes as boys or girls. I love the teddy bear ones and think all those would suit boys or girls. If only Ben was smaller. Maybe we should start having just children’s clothes but not gender specific and let the kids or parents chose?

Do you think that is a step too far? Has political correctness gone mad? Or maybe you like me love the idea and can’t see why things like t-shirts can’t be unisex? I am sure there wouldn’t be many boys that would want a dress but who knows. Who is to say that the latest kids tv programme is only for boys or girls anyway? I know Ben used to love Dora the Explorer (very annoying if you haven’t seen it!!) but there were no boys things available at all for it! Will the trends change and we will stop talking of girls or boys trends? I personally hope so!


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