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Breakfast is one meal that many people hoping to lose weight often struggle with. There are so many options out there but many cereals are full of sugar and cooked breakfasts can be high in saturated fats. We all want something filling and quick to prepare because that time of day is usually so busy isn’t it. I have put together a selection of ideas for you from my experience and other bloggers including recipes. Maybe you will find something new to try or have a reminder of something you used to enjoy and haven’t had for a while.

Fruit based Breakfasts

If you would like to have a fruit based breakfast there are many options for you, just remember to check out how they fit in with your healthy diet in regards to points, syns or allowances as some like Slimming World discourage smoothies because fruit contains a lot of natural sugars which when blended are easy to over consume.

Fruit and Yoghurt

Try out different yoghurts and different fruits for some variety. Check the ingredients of the yoghurt though to avoid one with too much fat or sugars in as it really isn’t necessary to be tasty.

Fruit and Fromage frais

A little different to yoghurt and using the fat free one and sweetening slightly is so tasty

Fruit, yoghurt and a handful of seeds

You would have to syn the seeds on Slimming World but they are good for fibre and protein so can fill you nicely for the day.



Cereal based breakfasts


Not all breakfast cereals have to be full of sugar there are some which are really natural like shredded wheat, wheat biscuits/Weetabix, oats and bran. Check for added ingredients but otherwise these are so much better than chocolate and sugar based cereals. Counting what is necessary on your plan here are some ideas that may help.


Overnight oats

Basically these are oats soaked in yoghurt or something similar with added fruit and possibly other ingredients. Here are some combinations you might like to consider:

Pina colada – using a coconut yoghurt or coconut milk with oats as the base and adding pineapple.

Cherry Bakewell – Cherries and almond essence with oats and yoghurt.

Apple and Cinnamon – These two go so well together what a lovely way to make overnight oats tasty.

Banoffee – Banana and Salted Caramel essence or toffee yoghurt.

Remember that with natural yoghurt you can add any food flavourings such as salted caramel and the fruit of your choice!

Baked Oats


By using oats and an egg along with some fruit and flavours you can make little breakfast muffins. This might be just the breakfast for you if you are bored of cereal but want to keep oats in your diet. The combinations above would also work well with baked oats. Other options include blueberry, spiced orange or maybe just your favourite fruit.




Here are a selection of cereals you may not have considered remember to check your allowances on your current healthy eating plan:

  • All bran or own brand similar 100% bran option
  • Shredded Wheat
  • Weetabix or other Wheat biscuit that is 100% wheat.
  • Oats
  • Adding seeds or nuts to any of the above to completely change the flavours/textures
  • Homemade Muesli or Granola – instead of buying one with added sugars make your own with oats, seeds and fruit chunks.



Hot Breakfasts

In winter especially many people want to start the day with something hot. There are so many different combinations so here are a list of potential foods you could add to your breakfast. See what takes your fancy or what you could add to your current breakfast to liven it up a bit. Again don’t forget to check your healthy eating plan for if these are free or counted etc. Look at this Breakfast Hash from Emma which is great on Weight Watchers or any other plan if you check the values.

  • Eggs – there are so many different ways to cook eggs, scrambled, hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, fried and some crazy people have them raw! I have a post dedicated to eggs and tips with them here.
  • Sausages – my favourite vegetarian ones are Quorn low fat frozen in a box of 6. Meat choices in our house are Morrisons counted Cumberland sausages (1 syn each currently on Slimming World).
  • Bacon – get it as lean as you can before cooking to avoid that saturated fat
  • Baked beans – make your own to avoid all the added sugar it is really easy!
  • Tomatoes – tinned or fresh.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Spinach.
  • Potatoes cubed and roasted.
  • Tofu – a favourite with vegans.
  • stir fried vegetables (favoured by a couple of blogging friends Emma and Sophie – who loves south east Asian foods for breakfast).
  • Baked eggs – egg beaten and mixed with meat or vegetables of choice then baked into a mini quiche type dish.
  • Ham
  • Roast peppers
  • Wholemeal bread/toast
  • Bagel





Pancakes don’t have to be unhealthy here are some great alternatives to traditional pancakes.

  • Make very thin omelettes and then serve as pancakes
  • Ready break or oat pancakes – these tasty ones from Fran look great!
  • American style pancakes made with bananas – these from Katie look amazing (pictured above)!
  • Cream cheese pancakes that are gluten free – Kelly-Anne has a great recipe here.



Breakfast ideas with a difference

Maybe the above aren’t really for you, if so how about the following ideas:

  • Cottage cheese on toast.
  • Smashed Avocado on Sourdough (Recipe below) pictured above made by a MasterChef Finalist!
  • Garlic Mushrooms on toast – I guess why not but not before an interview maybe!
  • Crispbreads with cheeses.
  • Chia Seeds pudding with coconut milk and kiwi – This recipe from Su sounds amazing!
  • Acai bowls – these recipes from Emma sound good.



Breakfast Ideas for Vegans and those with allergies/intolerances

My blogger friend Sophie who is vegan and blogs over at MamaMei shared her favourite vegan breakfast with me (pictured above). It includes sourdough toast, sliced fanned avocado, home made bakes beans (a mixture of pulses and home made tomato sauce), corn fritters and a side salad or greens.

Another blogger I know Jenna who blogs over at A Balanced Belly has a post here with breakfast ideas that are gluten free, high protein and vegan. If that is the kind of breakfast you need then check out her recipes.


Check some of those above too as some are already free from or vegan!




“The Old Boy” Smashed Avocado by Hepworth Café.

The photo of this recipe is thanks to Chris Hale of Pop Up North a MasterChef finalist who is the Executive chef at The Hepworth Café in Wakefield.



White wine Vinegar

Rapeseed Oil


Sourdough Toast

Pickled Radish

Pine Nuts

Chopped Chilli

Mustard Frills

Micro Coriander


Toast a slice of sourdough. Smash the avocado with a fork and a splash of rapeseed oil (optional) and a dash of white wine vinegar. Serve on the toast and decorate with the remaining ingredients. Add a drizzle of olive oil if required.


What do you like for breakfast? Anything a bit different?

Remember anything can really be a breakfast food if you want it to be it is just a meal after all and if you want to eat it then eat it!

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