My Holiday Essentials – The Verdicts

So I recently shared with you a post of my holiday essentials and thought it would be nice to update you about the products, what we thought of them and any additional thoughts I wanted to share with you. Some of the items I hadn’t tried before so it seems only fair to let you know how we got on.

I used the Mia Tui Mini Jen as a travel bag. The small inner bag I used most days around the resort and the small plastic inner bag was perfect for the passports. With pushing Ben around the airport in a wheelchair, pulling suitcases and of course carrying hand luggage it made life easy having a specific passport bag that slipped on my wrist.

cornflower blue large bag with smaller bag in same colour and clear small bag

This year as we were all inclusive we didn’t often leave the hotel and I was lucky to have not been bitten so didn’t feel the need to try the mosquito products. This all went pear shaped on the plane home where I was bitten 6 times on one leg! I used the Zap-It and wow it actually works amazingly.

I often get travel sick so expected to on this journey also. I usually would suck a sweet and think of other things until it clears. This time I tried the Gin Gins I had been sent. They were quite gingery tasting and not as hard as I expected but nice and seemed to do the trick.

Ben is turning into a bit of a teenager and loves to be on his phone whenever he can. He doesn’t have data included in his plan so we tried out the Dataroam sim cards we were sent. They were really easy to use and provided him a lot of data to use as he wished whether that was messaging his mates on WhatsApp or watching YouTube videos. I would definitely recommend them though would say make sure you are taking something with you that you can open the sim card part of your phone with – we used the needle from the sewing kit in the room!

The Olverum bath set was lovely as usual. Of course we all have our favourites but this is one I would definitely recommend. Just remember if it isn’t the travel set you take of this or anything else to pack it in your main case not hand luggage!

A few tips for packing

  • Don’t forget your passports – it kind of helps if you go abroad and causes great problems without – I have learnt that from experience.
  • Make sure your luggage stands out so you can spot it easily when collecting your case. Luggage straps are a good option or maybe just a piece of ribbon.
  • If you can pack a few essentials to freshen up after a flight but before the hotel it is a great start to the holiday feeling good.
  • Pack more sunscreen than you think you will need as it is so expensive abroad!
  • Order items to collect from the airport if you can. A Boots store at the airport for example will mean you can collect sun screen, cosmetics and toiletries and carry them in hand luggage instead of your case.
  • Don’t forget your razor – somehow it seems you need to shave your legs every day at least twice on holiday the hair just grows and grows! I love the Friction Free razor it is currently £5 for the handle and 4 blades!

Have a great holiday if you are reading this before going away.


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