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When I was approached to work with the weight loss brand OurPath I had a good read of what they offer first to see if it was something I was happy to share. Feel free to have a read of what it is about on the website here and see my thoughts below. As you know if you are a regular reader of my blog I do not believe in quick fixes or things that are not sustainable like shakes and pills. OurPath surprised me in that I actually was excited with what I read and couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. As I have followed Slimming World successfully I feel I am in a good position to compare the two plans.

What is Our Path?

OurPath is not just a weight loss programme, it is a healthy eating for life technique. The OurPath programme is designed not just to help people lose weight but also to focus on other areas of your life such as reducing food cravings, having more energy, sleeping better, improving your general happiness and wellbeing, and reducing the risk or management of chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease etc.



OurPath versus Slimming World – the main differences

There are a lot of differences between Slimming World and OurPath so I wanted to share them with you as I know many of my readers have tried or considered Slimming World but may not know about OurPath. There are many differences so I am just sharing the main ones I see as important with you.




Difference 1 – What are you weighing or counting?

Slimming World

  • treats such as chocolate and crisps
  • calcium containing items such as milk or cheese
  • fibre containing items such as cereals or bread


  • Complex carbohydrates eg bread, pasta and potatoes are eaten in moderation however not counted as such but given portion size guidance.
  • Protein eg meat, eggs, fish and vegetarian alternatives again this is not measured or counted as such just portion size guidance.

Difference 2 – Duration of plan and long term outcomes

Slimming World

  • One Plan which is designed to be followed for life with some small changes when you reach your target weight.


  • a three stage programme 1. Reset – ditching old habits and starting the new healthier lifestyle. 2. Restore – this builds on Reset adding a little more flexibility to help you continue with the challenges life can throw at you. 3. Sustain – this looks at the long term and gives you tips of how to approach difficulties if you struggle and slip back into old habits in the future.

Difference 3 – The treats and “bad stuff”

Slimming World

  • Foods which are not free on the plan are counted in your daily syns allowance.


  • simple guidelines such as that occasional foods like chocolate should be the side of your index finger.



Difference 4 – Addressing the emotional side of overeating

Slimming World

  • Group members can get advice from consultant and other members of their group
  • Online and group members can read online articles found on the website.
  • Online members have no face to face support.


  • Daily reading/articles to think about how you approach your feelings towards food and address them with techniques to conquer them
  • Support from group members and mentor is through the app rather than face to face



Difference 5 – The Support on offer

Slimming World

  • Group members receive face to face support in the form of the weekly weigh in and following group chat called image therapy. Group members also have contact details for their consultant and sometimes a Facebook group for their group to discuss meals, problems etc.
  • Online members receive no support included in their package


  • A mentor who supports you with messages in the group chat part of the app and also by individual message through the app. He or she is nutritionally trained and can give meal ideas and support.
  • Group chat has around 10 members and is anonymous with members showing only their first name and a small bio. Members are all over the country.
  • All support is online

Difference 6 – Weigh in methods, progress and targets

Slimming World

  • Group members receive weekly weigh in and certificates when targets are reached
  • Group members have their weight seen by their consultant and his/her team.
  • Online members track their progress when they enter their weight on the website or app


  • Online programme so weigh in is when it suits you and you either enter your weight online or if following the tech programme the smart scales send over your weight automatically.
  • You and your mentor know your weight, your group only knows the percent change.



Difference 7 – Overcoming Difficulties

Slimming World

  • group members have their consultant who can chat on the phone or online depending on their group size and other commitments.
  • group members have their fellow members for support
  • online members have no one to contact for support


  • Mentor is available in the small group chat as well as privately online.
  • Other members of the small group are often online for support.

Difference 8 – Building meals

Slimming World

  • 1/3 of the plate should be vegetables from a set list and the remainder is your choice from a mixture of carbohydrates and protein.


  • 1/2 of the plate vegetables from the non starchy vegetables guidelines, 1/4 of the plate a portion of protein from specified guidelines, 1/4 of place complex carbohydrates from guidelines
  • One meal a day advised to be complex carbohydrate free.



Difference 9 – Exercise suggestions and requirements

Slimming World

  • Guidance is not individualised but a structure set of how to generally build exercise up gradually.

Our Path

  • If you follow the tech plan the exercise tracker will track your steps in the early weeks and then advise you on how to build those up in following weeks.
  • The mentor can give you personalised advice on meals that will help you nutritionally before and after exercise.

Difference 10 – Cost, Additional options and What is included

Slimming World

  • Group members – £4.95 per week, small discount when buying weeks in advance. Joining fee of £14.95 payable in the first week however there are often offers on this bring it to £9.95 or even £4.95.
  • Online members – £59.95 (usually £79.95) for 3 months with no physical books or £79.95 (usually £99.95) for 3 months if you require the handbook. The latter also includes 7 issues of the Slimming World Magazine
  • Online members wishing to continue after the initial 3 months pay £20 per month. Group members pay £4.95 until they reach target then it is free if they can stay within 3lb of their target weight.
  • Recipe books are available at extra cost.


  • No tech option – £30 a month for 3 months (total £90) includes handbook and recipe book
  • Tech option – £60 a month (total £180) includes handbook, recipe book, fitness tracker and smart scales
  • Members wishing to continue after the 3 months pay £10 per month.
  • Discount using my code at the end of this post!

My Overall Thoughts of OurPath


  • The scales weigh up to 30 stone so great for most people
  • The group support is a small group support.
  • Mentor on hand whenever needed.
  • Explanations of dietary reasons behind the recommendations makes it easier to understand how this will help you and thus easier to stick to.
  • Comprehensive recipe book included in all plans.
  • Your mentor is a qualified nutritionist and the programme itself has been developed by both dietitians and behavioural scientists. Rather than being trained by OurPath themselves in the way Slimming World do (and probably other weight loss programmes also though I have less knowledge of those) I feel this offers a more consistent nutritional approach where the support you receive is from someone with a nutritional background.


  • No offline support
  • Initial cost is higher however isn’t really comparing like with like as they are very different in what they include eg scales. The long term cost is good.
  • Less recipes available overall so there is a need to adapt other recipes yourself.

What am I doing? and a Discount for you!

I am working through the OurPath programme so will be able to share with you my thoughts of the programme in more posts over the coming weeks. I feel it will be great for me to focus on my reasons for over eating and also long term goals.

If you would like to look at the plan and join you can find all the information you need here. The recipe book has recently been updated and is great! Do let me know if you are joining me in trying this out and let me know your thoughts. If you use code “justaveragejen” you will get £20 off too!



Whilst I have been given the programme to try out and paid for my work with OurPath I can assure you all opinions and experiences I share are my own. An honest reflection of my thoughts and how I find OurPath will follow in future posts.


  1. Andrea miles
    August 7, 2018 / 2:34 pm

    Hi Jen your stated price for joining SW isn’t right. It’s 14.95 but usually 9.95/£10 with offers from Slimming World and occasionally just £4.95 with a magazine voucher offer.

    • JustAverageJen
      August 7, 2018 / 7:05 pm

      Have amended thanks.

  2. August 12, 2018 / 11:20 am

    Ooh Jen, this looks fabulous. I could do with trying something new. I look forward to seeing how you get one next week. Xx

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