Starting the day healthily – 5 things to do!

When you are trying to lose weight or just to maintain the weight you have lost the way you start a day can make all the difference. Here I will share with you five things to do every morning to help you start the day healthily and start as you mean to go on.

Sometimes a few small changes in the morning can be all you need to make sure that you stand the best chance possible of that day being healthy. It is not possible for every day to be perfect. There will be unexpected things happen that mean your plans will change. Your mood can affect your food so if this changes drastically of course that can affect it too. Here though are five things that if you do them every morning I am sure will help you to do the very best you can that day.

  1. Drink a pint of water or diluted squash. This helps to wake you up, rehydrate you from the nights sleep and feel refreshed and clear.
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Tell yourself that you can do whatever it is that challenges you that day.
  3. Put on perfume (or aftershave) and enjoy the scent. Throughout the day that little smell you love will help lift your mood.
  4. Eat something for breakfast, sitting down, without your phone. These few minutes give you time to think about the day ahead without any electronic stresses.
  5. Smile to the first stranger you see in the morning and try to continue to smile to everyone you encounter. A smile often encourages a smile back. That little gesture can really lift your mood.


Do you think you could commit to doing those five things every day to start each day mentally and physically ready for a healthy and happy day? I know they make a difference to me so maybe they will for you too?


Is there anything you do every morning that you think really helps you? Do share in the comments below.

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