7 Soups for a Healthy Winter

Soup can be a lovely meal when it is freezing outside and you just want to have a easy warming snack. Here I thought I would share with you my favourite healthy soups which are all made from scratch so healthy and Slimming World friendly but remember to check them for whatever plan you follow to protect your weight losses.

Bowl of green broccoli soup with stilton crumbled on top

Sometimes I make a soup where I just chuck a variety of vegetables in a pan and some herbs and spices for flavour. Usually when stuff needs using up though to be honest. Here are my favourite recipes at the moment for a good soup. Just click the image for the recipe.


Mushroom Soup


This recipe for mushroom soup is gorgeous but not as rich and creamy as my other recipe so it depends how you personally prefer it. Take a look at both and see which one sounds like you would enjoy it.


mushroom soup pin


Creamy Mushroom Soup


This is a very tasty soup and really tastes like something you would get in a restaurant!


creamy mushroom soup pin


Broccoli and Stilton Soup


This is unbelievably easy to make but actually is so nice you will wonder why you have ever bought similar soup full of cream from the shops! Definitely worth a try!


broccoli and stilton soup pin


Roasted Red Pepper and Butternut Squash Soup

If you love a smooth soup that is full of flavour then really is one to give a try. It has quite a sweet flavour so children will love it too. Just don’t tell them it is healthy!


red pepper and butternut squash soup pin


Double Soup of Red and Yellow Peppers


This looks and tastes amazing and is really quite easy to make. If you have someone coming over for a meal this looks impressive whilst actually being easy to prepare in advance then warm through and serve.

double soup of red and yellow peppers pin


Rich Tomato Soup


If you like a full of flavour tomato soup this is the one for you. It tastes of real tomatoes and could easily be mistaken for one bought fresh in a carton at the supermarket. It tastes too good for a can.


Rich tomato soup pin


Butternut Squash Soup

If you are a fan of the butternut squash (more recipes with it here) then you will love this soup. It is really quite simple to make and tastes divine.


butternut squash soup pin


Tips and Tricks with soup

  • You don’t need a soup maker they are easy to make in a pan on the hob. If you do fancy one then this Morphy Richards soup maker has lots of recommendations.

  • If you don’t have a soup maker then a cheap stick blender will be adequate. If you go for one with a metal blade it will last longer.

  • To easily thicken a soup just add some potato. A few chunks of cooked potato blended in will make a huge difference.

  • Some vegetables don’t need much preparation. Broccoli stalks can go in for example and even butternut squash skin, just be careful to blend well.


  • A good flask makes it easy to take your soup out and about with you.


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