8 Things never to say to a dieter (if you want to live!)

I know many of my readers follow me for weight loss recipes and tips so I thought this post would be a great one for you to read, laugh at and share. Maybe reading it will help just one person to not say something frustrating to you. Or maybe it will give them a giggle at how neurotic us dieters can be!

scales with a tape measure on

  • “Are you sure the scales are right?” – no we are not sure but we believe them that’s what matters.

  • “You got yourself this size get on with it” – do you think we don’t know that?

  • “What do you weigh?” – this will only get you in trouble!

  • “Why do you even want to lose weight?” – Why is this even your business?

  • “Are you really going to eat that?” – If it isn’t going in your mouth what business is it of yours?

  • “Are you really wasting money on that group?” – Your money or mine? Zip it!

  • “I love you just the way you are” – Whilst this is lovely to hear we need to love ourselves too.

  • “My friend lost 4 stone in a week” – Shut up, just shut up!

So, next time someone tells you that they are on a diet don’t tell them any of this nonsense. Smile and let them get on with it. No one wants you to judge, all we want is support! My ex once told me that he could only see I had lost weight on my ankles – I had lost 4.5 stone at the time. How unsupportive was that? Obviously that had a big influence on why he became an ex. No one needs that negativity in their life do they.

If you want to read my recipes, weight loss tips and more just scroll through the menus and have a look at all the things I share. I have everything from family recipes and weight loss stories to funny things we all do before we get on the scales at group every week!

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