Almost a teenager – kids grow up too fast!

This week Ben started back at school and I realised he is now in year 8 at school and will be a teenager in November. As he goes to a special needs school the children are a little mixed up within the school so he has older and younger friends and the last two years have flown by since he moved to this school. It is only 13 years ago that I was heavily pregnant and uncomfortable. I don’t feel 13 years older but wow Ben has grown up so much! I thought I would give you some funny insights into life with Ben just lately.

Boy growing up different school photos

The above photos left to right are when he was 3, 4 and 10. Now aged 12 he is 5ft 5 inches tall and very much in men’s sized clothes. He has changed so much from the 2 year old who I was told may never speak or be able to interact with you to a bubbly tall chatterbox. Of course Ben still has his difficulties but he is amazing and I am so proud of him.


Ben and Fashion


Ben loves clothes that are comfortable and doesn’t really have any idea of what is and isn’t fashionable yet. He does know which trainers he would like but that is because his friends have them, predominantly he is swayed by the colour still. Ben is a young man and very much wants to wear men’s clothes when he can and I am sure would wear a suit if he could every day. He has recently had his eye on some novelty suits though so he likes his colour! Luckily I haven’t had to be looking in Ralph Lauren sales hoping for a bargain as he is just as happy with Asda at the moment. I don’t know how long that will last though!


Ben and Puberty


Ben has recently been learning about the birds and the bees as such at school. Hilariously you should have seen the shock on his face when he realised I as his mum am not a virgin! He is flabbergasted at how many people he knows who have children must have “done it”! Ben has a girlfriend but really they are just friends. They are quite immature in some ways and insist they will get married when they can, but don’t hold hands yet. Ben has a selection of Lynx deodorants he loves to wear to smell like a man but doesn’t seem to actually need them yet thankfully.


Ben and Teenage Attitude


Discovering more recently how to be a grumpy teenager has been fun! He is so funny though because he is also very routine based. Ben says I love you to myself and Stuart all the time so even when he’s in a mood he still says it as it is his routine! He is forever asking for money for music for his phone or DLC packs for his games. The other day when I said no he tried to sell me my own perfume to raise some funds! I can only imagine how he will be wanting things over the next few years! Send help!


Do you have a child who is growing up too fast? I would love to hear your funny stories so do please add them in the comments below! Do they like designer clothes you have to hunt for sales on or would they be just as happy wearing the same trousers for a month? Were we really like this as teenagers?


This photo was Ben yesterday in his size 9 shoes. He wears men’s trousers and is only just going into year 8 at school at almost 13! I dread to think what size clothes he will be in when he leaves school!


Jen x


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