Andrew James Purify Hot Water Dispenser – A Review

I love a cup of coffee and I am forever putting the kettle on then doing something else and forgetting to make a drink. Not only that but of course there are times too when I make it and forget to drink it! Could a hot water dispenser can prevent these! This was one reason I was excited to try out this Andrew James hot water dispenser. The other was because Ben struggles with his hands and finds pouring a kettle difficult or picking up heavy pans etc. He is almost 13 however and wants to make his own hot snacks sometimes or a cup or tea. So we put this dispenser to the test to see if it would be what we needed.

boxed andrew james hot water dispenser on a worktop

What are the features of this water dispenser?


  • It holds a whopping 4 litres so you are not forever filling it up! Some brands only hold enough for 3 or 4 cups!

  • It has a filter inside so not only does it heat the water it filters it too!

  • Without the filter it still works so you are not forced to keep buying filters if you prefer not to.

  • It has different temperature settings so you can actually make your drink a temperature you would like and drink it right away.

  • A safety lock means it is less likely to cause scalds with little fingers.

  • It dispenses different quantities of water easily.


hot water dispenser on worktop next to sign that reads "give me coffee and no one gets hurt"


Was it easy to set up for the first use?

It really couldn’t have been easier. The box contains two filters and you just unwrap the filter and remove the dispenser from the packaging. Pop the filter inside and the water pan and fill with water. Before the first use it does require about 10 minutes of putting water in to run it through but this is so easy to do whilst admiring your new gadget! Then within 5 seconds you can have boiling hot water for a cuppa!


How easy is it to use on a day to day basis?

As it holds 4 litres it is great to just fill up as and when needed with a jug. The buttons on the front are so easy to understand and once you know how to use it there is no problem. Ben learnt it very quickly and loves it now. He loves that he can make his own cup of tea and even make us drinks too. When we have visitors he cant wait to offer them a drink. He has used it for Pot noodles for after school snacks and porridge in the morning.


Boy eating a Pot Noodle

Would we recommend it?


We absolutely would recommend it. Whilst it takes a little more space up on the worktop than a standard kettle it is so useful. The fact it holds 4 litres of water we love and the ease of use means drinking coffee as and when I want to. Who wouldn’t like that?

The independence and confidence it has given Ben already is amazing. As a young man with some disabilities he will always have his difficulties. Anything we can do to allow him to develop and do things for himself where possible is great. He loves that he can be mature and make everyone drinks every now and then. To be honest I love it too.

Where is it available?

This particular model is available directly from Andrew James on their website here. It is currently £70.49 with a RRP of £97.99 and includes free 24 hour delivery.

Please note we were gifted this item in return for a full honest review. All opinions above are my own. To read more of my reviews click here.

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