Gadgets you didnt realise you needed from CoolGift

Shopping on gadget gift type websites is a little like going to Ikea. You think you don’t need anything but then buy all the things you discover you need. When I was asked to chose some items to receive from CoolGift to share with you guys this is exactly what happened. I didn’t think I needed anything but found so many gadgets that life wont be the same without.

Lap tray for ipad

Who doesn’t need a lap cushion like this for their iPad or other tablet? Perfect for watching movies in bed or in the car! At 18.95 Euros who wouldn’t need one?


table mats with cassette and records on in a retro style

Why use boring placemats on the dining table when you can buy retro ones like these. Beware though they do make your children think you are old as they have no idea what they are. This set of four are 9.95 Euros and pretty cool I think.


wooden tray for laptop

If you like to use your laptop on your lap but want space for a mouse, phone or whatever then this is the random gadget for you. Maybe you will buy it and use it every day or maybe you will buy it and never remember you have it to use! Or is that just me? At 29.95 Euros it could make working from home a bit easier, if you remember to use it that is!


led shoelaces

When shopping online you always slip into treating the kids too don’t you? Well these LED shoelaces are pretty cool and if you have a child like Ben they will love them. They are 9.95 Euros a pair and available in a few different colours. There is nothing like light up shoelaces is there for a random but fun gift, maybe a stocking filler?


phone clamp in box

This actually is the most useful thing I found that actually I will be likely to use a lot. I am looking at starting a proper Vlog rather than just my currently rather neglected YouTube Channel and I enjoy Facebook live sessions so this will be perfect for both. It is really strong and sturdy and stays in place well. An amazing buy at 14.95 Euros if like me you will make great use of it.


Beanie had with built in headphones

What self respecting music loving teenager wouldn’t want a hat like this? It is a rather basic beanie so one most boys would wear with no silly pompoms and patterns. They also stock a cream one which is a different style and I would say more girly so don’t let this one being plain and black put you off. The headphones are built into the hat to listen to music on the go. Amazing idea and just 18.95 Euros so pretty good value.


gold playing cards

Gold playing cards, yes I know what you are thinking. Why would you want those? Well the answer is, why on earth wouldn’t you? They are fun, shiny and lets face it they are just something a bit different for when you are playing a rather normal card game! For 14.95 Euros they aren’t particularly cheap but they are cool and remember if you don’t buy them then you will only have boring playing cards and who wants those!


So there you go, if you are looking for some fun and random gifts for a birthday or Christmas gift ideas or even just something for yourself you will find everything you need and lots that you don’t need over on CoolGift! It might be worth setting yourself a budget before you even start looking though as it is one of those sites where you just want everything!


I have been sent all the above items in return for an honest review of their website and I must say their site is amazing so it was easy! All opinions above are my own.


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