Keeping Safe – top tips for home alone parents

Now the children are back at school and if they walk to school on their own we worry about their safety but we often forget our own. As a work at home mum I was thinking about safety and thought I would share with you a few tips. They would apply whether you work at home, somewhere else alone or don’t work at all and stay home. It is so easy to worry about the children and not ourselves so here are my top 10 tips for keeping yourself safe when you are home alone.

  • Keep your doors locked all the time and if anyone knocks, who you are not expecting, open with a chain. Don’t open the door if you are in underwear, the poor postman doesn’t need an eyeful!

  • Don’t buy anything at the door or give your bank information out there. It could be a genuine charity but there are also so many scams, many targeting people during the day. Unless of course you want to give your money away to anyone – in which case remember me!

  • If you are going out don’t leave a note saying when you will be back, that is like an invitation to snoop around until then undisturbed. Instead a note if needed saying popped out back in a minute leave parcel with neighbours if necessary. I do this constantly as get a lot of deliveries and get bored in the house so go for a coffee as often as I can!

  • You may worry about the children walking alone but do you worry about yourself? Buy an alarm if you regularly walk alone especially secluded places walking a dog etc. Obviously make sure you know how to use it too!

  • Chat to other locals who are often in during the day. If something does happen you know who then to ask if they saw anything. In the meantime its good for a gossip which keeps you safe mentally, sanity is important!

  • However much the kids have driven you mad not getting dressed that morning don’t be tempted to have a glass of gin. Believe me I know how tempting it can be but if you drink and drive you may end up needing criminal defence solicitors – DPP and lets face it we don’t need that.

  • Be careful doing cooking or DIY, if you are anything like me it is easy to cut yourself or fall over something. If you are in the house alone you would be shouting for a long time before anyone came. Lets face it when they do it could be a burglar anyway!

  • Be happy and healthy, don’t do excessive exercise if you haven’t done it before. It isn’t safe, it isn’t clever and there are better things to do! If you must build up slowly, first step making a cuppa and a plan!

I am by far the queen of being healthy and safe and forever forgetting simple things but with the dark afternoons coming soon and Christmas not far away either it is so important to look after yourself and the Christmas presents! Or is it just me that has Christmas presents already?

Keep safe and have fun, coffee with friends can be a lifesaver but save the gin for later on!

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