Making Driving Fun with a Track Day

I am quite a confident driver and generally quite enjoy it. Note however that I said driver and not reverser! I am absolutely rubbish at reversing in a straight line! I have twice had an accident and both because of my poor reversing skills. Both involved speeds of about 1 mile per hour and unoccupied vehicles! I would love to try a track day and here is why.


I love driving and would love to drive in a car built for speed rather than practicality wouldn’t you? I am not sure I am particularly bothered by particular names of cars but would love the idea of a supercar. If nothing more than just to say I have done it! Ben loves supercars and would love to drive one when he is older too!


I am the sort of person that really loves a challenge and gets great pleasure in doing something I thought I couldn’t. A perfect example of this would be when I went from a non runner to completing The Great North Run in a fabulous time 20 weeks later. I would love to parachute or bungee jump but as I am a bit rubbish with heights I think a track day driving experience is more my thing. It sounds amazing and an unforgettable experience.


Isn’t it a man thing?

When I have mentioned a few times to friends that I would love to do a track day, drive fast and have a driving experience to remember they have asked if it is not more of a man thing? What do you think? I love the idea and I don’t care if some people think it is more suited to a man. Surely if women can drive then they can do experiences like this too! Maybe this all comes from encouraging girls to play with dolls and boys with cars? I do wonder if that is something that is becoming fast outdated but still needs a bit more challenging though. When was the last time you read a child’s book about a woman saving a man instead of the other way around?



If you could do anything like this what would you choose? Do you love heights or like me prefer something exciting but on the ground? I am going to set myself a task to do fun and daring things like this before I turn 40 in October 2020. Do you have any ideas of what I could add to this bucket list of adventures? I will consider anything as long as it doesn’t involve water – I cant swim! Though I do keep saying I will learn!



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