SmART Sketcher Art Projector – A Review

I am rubbish at drawing, I really am. To the point that when I was about 14 my art teacher asked why I had let my little sister (age 5 at the time) draw in my book! Mrs White, if you are reading this, I wasn’t lying when I said she hadn’t, I was just that bad at art! Ben, bless him, takes after me and isn’t too confident in drawing but does really enjoy it. I always try to encourage his drawing but as I am hopeless myself it isn’t easy! When I was given the opportunity to review the SmART Sketcher I was excited for Ben as I knew he would love it.

boxed snart sketcher with batteries, paper, pencils and pens

What is a SmART Sketcher?

If like me you can trace but can’t draw then this is ideal. The clever device projects a picture onto paper for you to just trace over. There are a number of sketches pre-programmed into the SmART Sketcher. The variety of pictures are all broken down into a number of steps so that it is less daunting. When you first use the app for the Smart Sketcher you can choose which sort of pictures interest you. The screenshot below shows the options and which Ben chose. The ABC option has words to help a child learn to write. Along with the pre-programmed pictures you can take your own photos to then project and draw. The sky really is the limit!

screenshot of smartsketcher app

How easy is the SmART Sketcher to use?

I left Ben to work out the SmART Sketcher while I was working and then to show me how to use it. I thought this would be a great test of how easy it really is to use. Christmas morning when you are trying to relax with a glass of champagne or rushing around cooking dinner then last thing you want is assembly of a toy isn’t it. The SmART Sketcher was really easy to set up and Ben talked me through it as he did it. The only thing he needed to ask was when installing the app and needing email addresses and consents.

smart sketcher in use


One of the ears of the turtle/tortoise (we have debated this at home – Ben loves a good debate!) is a SD card which is loaded with the images which is quite cute. The box includes an adapter so batteries are not needed but they are an option if you prefer. The feet of the device hold the paper in place well and it stands on the table well.

Ben drawing with the smart sketcher


What did Ben think of the SmART Sketcher?

Ben loves it, he really feels like he can draw now and is building in confidence. The feature which allows you to take photos and then project them to draw is fabulous. I can however imagine lots of children on Christmas morning drawing half awake pictures of their parents, or maybe that would just be Ben. In Ben’s opinion this is a really cool toy and something he would love to be given and definitely doesn’t want me to give to anyone else. At almost 13 Ben mostly likes computer games now so finding a toy that he enjoys and encourages him to draw is amazing. He is thoroughly impressed.

Smart Sketcher close up


What do I think as a mum?

I love how this is an activity that would suit a variety of ages. So many toys nowadays go in and out of fashion or you are really paying for the “latest thing” that they will forget about next month. This is something I can imagine lasting for a long time. The fact it has an adapter included with a reasonable length cable so doesn’t eat batteries is ideal. I love the number of pre-programmed images and the way those are broken down into small steps.

arm drawing with the smart sketcher


I would definitely recommend this as a gift for Christmas or a birthday. The box states it is suitable for age 5-105. I disagree a little as I think 106 would be fine too – older readers I’ve got your back! For younger children eg. siblings I think it would be okay too. I guess it is 5 years for a reason but if you think it is perfect for your younger child then go for it I would say. It is something that will last and they will grow into if they are unsure at first.



Where can I buy SmART Sketcher and how much is it?


The SmART Sketcher is available from a variety of stores for around £70. Here are some links to the SmART Sketcher in my favourite stores so you can easily click and see how much it is there whenever you read this as we all know it can change!

Amazon – Click here.

Argos – Click here.

Do you like the idea of the SmART Sketcher? Is there anything you would like to know about it that I haven’t written above? Drop me a comment below and let me know!


boxed snart sketcher with batteries, paper, pencils and pens

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