What not to buy this Christmas – The Ultimate Guide!

I am currently working on some Christmas gift guides to give you some new and fun gift ideas. There are a number of things I wouldn’t suggest buying too and after chatting to some fellow bloggers I’ve come up with the ultimate list of what not to buy as a gift this Christmas! Sometimes knowing what to avoid is as important as what to buy isn’t it. Do let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas! Some of these funny stories will make you giggle too!

Gifts for the home


Gifts for the home are already a bit of a minefield as it isn’t nice to think the gift isn’t for you at all is it? Here are some funny things to avoid though!


The Bathroom Scales – I have received one like these as a gift before and told they will help me lose weight. At the time I wasn’t trying to lose weight so it felt rather rude! Probably just as bad as the cheap rowing machine that was out of a Sunday magazine that Anna was given by a boyfriend! Surely exercise or weight loss items should be avoided at all costs unless asked for?


The Festive Tea Strainer – I kid you not this is actually something that exists – here. Fellow blogger Karina received one when she was 8 and unsurprisingly was not impressed. Maybe a big tea drinker would love one but a child, probably not! Avoid Tea bag holders too, Lynsey received one when she doesn’t even drink tea – what a thoughtful gift!


The orange plastic photo frame – Why would anyone buy something so bright unless they know you would love it. If you are considering it and actually like the person you are buying for then don’t do it! Sarah got one from her dad and was quite hurt because it was awful and clearly showed he didn’t know her at all. I guess it could be worse, Kati received what she describes as a “hideous bejewelled spider”!



The scented drawer sachetI received one in lavender when I was 21, it was like this. It really was not something I wanted and even my grandma thought it a bit too old for her at the time. What made it worse was it was a gift from my dad!


The plastic Kitchen roll dispenser – Is this not the sort of thing you would just buy yourself if you needed? Apparently Emily‘s mother in law thought otherwise and bought her one. Would you appreciate one as a gift? I know I wouldn’t!


The Windchime – Unless someone has asked for one why would you buy this? The noise annoys me I don’t know about you? Kelly-Anne was bought a metal pig with bells on that she describes as being like a windchime and “bloody awful”. I couldn’t find one quite as bizarre but here is a similar idea. A perfect gift for someone who likes pigs and windchimes, otherwise probably not a great idea!


man giving a woman a gift with her eyes covered

Food Gifts


Unless food is luxury then it always feels like a cop-out gift in my opinion. Food is an essential so run of the mill things really are not gifts, unless asked for or for someone struggling financially in my opinion!


The jar of Goose Fat – Who wouldn’t want it? More to the point who would? Never a good gift in my opinion, no excuses! Who would actually want to unwrap a gift and find this? Another blogger, Kelly, received this kind gift from her mum!


The nut chocolate box – This actually could be a lovely gift, if you aren’t allergic to nuts that is. Poor Lyndsay-Rose was given these from a boyfriend even when she has a nut allergy! It is quite simple, if in doubt don’t buy chocolate! A partner should always know better though! Things like this quite clearly contain nuts! Equally bad was Hayley‘s avocado knife from her mum who should have known she is allergic to avocados!


The Fruit Squash – I was once bought a big bottle of my favourite flavour. I did like the flavour but at £1.50 a bottle it just wasn’t that exciting a gift! IT wasn’t even a posh bottle it was just Asda’s own brand!


jam jar with squash in

Christmas themed items


Whilst it is Christmas, I never understand the buying of some items as gifts, here are a few examples for you!


The Christmas Jumper – I love wearing a Christmas jumper in the lead up to Christmas and even on Christmas day but generally after boxing day it has to be saved for next year. On this basis I never understand the logic of buying someone one for Christmas! Here is one that made me smile though if you’re looking for a terrible gift for someone!


The Christmas ornament – Surely this is something you chose yourself and again that is fun in the lead up to Christmas but pretty useless after the day itself. Love them or hate them? There are some lovely ones over on Studio here but also some that really are not to my taste! Rebecca who blogs about life as a twin mummy was bought one she hated but worse still she was told by her mother in law that it was “for the twins” so not even a gift for her anyway!


The Religious gift – Why oh why would you buy someone these when you are not 100% sure they are religious? Poor Raimondo was bought a Jesus statue for a join birthday and Christmas present as her birthday is the 26th December – not only a joint gift but she isn’t even religious!


The Christmas CD – No just no, it is too late to listen to it by then. Why oh why would you buy one for a Christmas gift? Buy it now and get it playing! This one is my favourite!



Beauty and Clothing Gifts

It can be hard choosing clothes for anyone so why people bother if they are not sure I don’t know! There were some hilarious stories from other bloggers which I knew I just had to share with you!


The gift of Underwear – Something that in my opinion should only ever be bought by your partner or maybe mum if you are young. It seems not everyone agrees. One blogger received a bag of used and faded bras from a family friend. Can you imagine?


The gift of footwear – A lovely gift if you know the recipient likes them, otherwise odd! Rebecca, a blogger I chatted too got some green Von Dutch cowboy boots from her now husband on their first Christmas together. She was less than impressed. It cant have been all bad though she married him! Unsurprisingly I couldn’t find you a picture of similar boots but I did find these which are equally unusual and surely you would either love or hate them! Converse would be a more popular choice though not for everyone so I guess the trick is to actually know and like the person you are buying for! Kim received neon striped converse one year and wasn’t impressed.


The Blackhead Remover Tool Gift – This is surely too personal that no one would buy it for a gift would they? Apparently not, Sarah who developed and got spots early was upset when she received one a bit like this from Santa who obviously had noticed her spots too. Nothing like making a youngster even more self conscious Santa! Surely a nicer skincare set would have been better?


face masks


The gift designed for the opposite sex – Whilst this may be a gift some would love it isn’t always. How many women would love men’s jewellery for Christmas? Faith‘s mother in law bought her a men’s old fashioned chunky ring with a huge stone in. She didn’t fall in love with it but found a friend who could make use of it melted down! Maybe it is a mother in law thing that they buy random gifts?


The Dressing gown – This is a lovely gift and one I love to receive at Christmas so you may wonder why it is on the list? If it is a nice new fluffy dressing gown then it doesn’t need to be on here. Of course there is always someone who even gets the dressing gown gift wrong. Poor Carla got given one on her wedding day that was used and stunk of cigarette smoke! How could anyone hand over a gift like that and keep a straight face? This is my kind of dressing gown if anyone wants to buy me one!


The Crop Top – Not everyone’s ideal gift, not to mention Christmas is in winter and surely it would be a bit chilly? Can you imagine receiving one like this? Even worse can you imagine receiving it two sizes too small? Deborah was the unfortunate recipient of this unwelcomed gift! If you really think someone will like this that’s fine but at least get the right size!



The gift of Reproduction Clothing – What a lovely gift for someone who likes these things. Odd though if they don’t? It is definitely something I would only buy if asked for. How about you? Jo probably gets the award for the most bizarre gift in receiving a reproduction 18th century smock in a odd beige colour. Can you top this for a bizarre item of clothing given to you for a gift? I guess at least it didn’t fall apart like the fake Gucci bag that Kristine received and it fell apart within minutes of use! So, maybe a smock isn’t so bad after all?


Hair Removing gifts – If asked for then maybe this is a lovely gift but if not it seems a little strange to me. I was once given an epilator, I never used it as it just isn’t my thing! Michelle had a facial hair remover from her mum, again rather an odd gift? Though we do often buy men razors so maybe we are just as bad?


boxed gillette razor


Unusual gifts

Unusual gifts are great but sometimes people go too far. Here are so really amusing stories of gifts I have received and other bloggers have to give you a giggle. Maybe things you might like to avoid too, unless it is a gift for someone you don’t like?


The Guinness book of records – Not a bad gift, however if like Laura you receive one two years out of date this is rather peculiar as they are so cheap in the sales! Why not buy one from 2015 for someone you don’t like prices start at 1p?


The Belly Dancing Kit – This has to be one of my favourite bad gifts to hear about. Why oh why would you buy one of these for someone who hadn’t asked for one? A blogging friend Lyndsey received one from her Nanna when she was about 17 despite having never showed an interest in belly dancing! So why not treat someone to a belly dancing kit, maybe someone you don’t really know because no one else would like it!

The Computer related gift – This is something I wouldn’t even think about buying someone who hadn’t asked for it! Apparently not everyone thinks like that and Heidi received some RAM memory once as a main present from her ex. He had bigged it up and got her excited for her main present for it to be this! Not what I would say is a gift of love! If only it was supposed to be a joke gift like the dinosaur mouse mat Emma received from her dad with her name on!


The gift of Stationary – Of course for someone who loves to write this would mostly be a nice present but have you ever been bought a calculator and post it notes? Laura has, and didn’t really appreciate them! She does say her husband is now banned from W H Smiths in the lead up to Christmas so hopefully he is doing better jobs now!


The Sat Nav – A great gift on the whole however check it is a reasonably good one, poor Georgina received one who never took her a direct route anywhere and she says seemed to want to get her murdered always taking deserted roads at night!


The Useful Gift


To buy someone a useful gift can be like saying “you are too boring to buy you anything nice here is something useful”. Or that is my opinion anyway if it isn’t something they have asked for. Maybe I am a bit picky? Here are some useful gifts that haven’t always been appreciated!


The Duvet – Not really a gift is it? Not that Emma‘s brother thought this when at 21 she was treated to one!


The Power Tool – The new gift of love, forget perfume or diamonds get the power tool. Unless someone has a real love for DIY then this surely is a bizarre choice of gift? It made me giggle when Catherine told me her ex boyfriend bought her a drill at 19! I was bought an electric screwdriver from an ex who had broken the one we owned! So remember this for valentines day who needs flowers and romantic gestures when you can buy a power tool!



The Gift of Nothing


Of course any gift is better than nothing isn’t it? What about this item received by Lucy and I am sure she is not alone in getting this! I have seen them available but never bought or received one! Who would spend almost £10 on this which is really no better than literally giving nothing at all? Is this better or worse than being given something you got as a free gift? Hannah got a free mug and was not impressed, to be honest I am not sure I would be either!


Have you been in a relationship where your partner gets you nothing? I have in the past as has Candace and I think we would both say that anything is better than nothing at all. Well almost anything, some of the above are rather odd choices! If you are given a list or an item to buy then get it right! Frances‘ husband was well and truly in the dog house last Christmas after she asked for a lens for her camera and he bought the wrong one for the wrong camera despite her writing what was needed down! We have all been in a situation like that haven’t we?



What is the best or worst gift you have ever received?


Do comment below and give me a giggle and share your stories with my other readers! Just think your comments may save someone else the nightmare Christmas gift!



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