City Driving and Car Tyre Tips for Stress free driving

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Do you drive somewhere busy like Birmingham? A city has so many areas and rush hour can be so stressful. Having the correct tyres on your car and looking after them is one thing that makes a huge difference to both safety and fuel economy. I am no car expert but I do know that tyres are not always expensive and the money spent is well worth it just to keep you safe. Who wouldn’t want to be as safe as possible for them and their family?

grey car on road on sunny day

If your tyres are over or under inflated they will wear more quickly and need replacing more often. So for a bit of air and regular checking how sensible is that? It helps with fuel economy too so the money is well spent. It is best to check the pressure in your tyres when the car is cold and hasn’t been driven for a few hours.

If you are driving from the suburbs of Birmingham like Springfield, Yardley Wood and Fox Hollies into the city centre then you will be used to busy traffic. The stopping and starting can easily cause accidents when someone isn’t paying attention and that is without even considering accidents due to tyres bursting, skidding on ice because the tread isn’t correct or mobile phone use. All things which are easily avoidable!

If you live in Birmingham you can buy tyres online at Point S. Wherever you go make sure you go somewhere reputable who can do it as soon as possible. Driving on under inflated tyres, tyres without the correct tread or even over inflated tyres can cause accidents.

I must admit I am completely rubbish and have never even put air in my tyres I get it done when my car goes in for a service and take it to a garage and ask them to do it for me if it needs it. On one hand this is because I am so clueless despite it being so easy to do. Equally if I take it to a tyre specialist I know it will be done correctly. To me nothing is more important than ensuring my families safety.

Do you live in an area like me with lots of potholes? If so, this means you really need to check your tyres much more regularly. It is easy to damage them on a big pothole and not realise they need replacing and are unsafe. Don’t forget to take a photo of the pothole too and report it to the local authority.

Now it is mid October and the weather is getting wetter, get your tyres checked before the roads start getting icy and you realise when its too late that your grip on the road isn’t what it should be. I had a huge skid on ice once and my car ended up a few inches from a wall. It terrified me and also reminded me how important good tyres are. I should add it also reminded me when I skid not to cover my face and scream but try to keep control of the car!



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