A Drastic Turnaround: Managing A Career 180 Successfully

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Every transition we make in life feels scary but also exhilarating, and changing our career completely is one of those that we can most definitely feel scared about, because we can invest a lot of time into learning the necessary skills. When we have such a busy lifestyle, either due to children, or various other duties, and we want to make our career change the polar opposite of what we do now, how can we manage this effectively?

What Do You Really Want?

It’s a simple question, but the journey to the answer is quite complex. And we can spend so long looking for the answer, when it’s all about trusting our instincts. When you know exactly what you really want out of life, this naturally has an impact on the type of career that you can do. Turning your passion into a career is an obvious solution because you won’t feel that it is work.

Gradually Accumulating The Skills

Once you made the decision you have to get the relevant information firmly implanted into your skull. Now, we can learn so much about how to do a specific job without needing to do it. You can take an online computer engineering degree or any relevant course without having to leave your home. And as we learn more about the industry, we can feel confident enough to apply for the necessary roles. But this is where networking and having the appropriate contacts in the industry benefits us. Having that piece of paper that says you’re qualified is all well and good, but it’s about getting that tangible experience as well.

Minimising Your Life Stress

And with all these things, it can be a massive shock to the system. As we are navigating a career change, the doubts linger in our mind as to whether we’ve done the right thing. But this is a different set of circumstances, so it’s an alien concept. Naturally, we are going to feel anxious. But if you have done the appropriate legwork and really nailed down what is important to you, it won’t be such an abrupt shock. After all, it’s meant to be a transition. You are changing little bits, and this is the best way for you to not feel overwhelmed. Of course, we can work at managing our own frame of mind, but if we know that what we’re doing is for an almighty purpose, so that we are doing a job that makes us feel satisfied, this will reduce our own anxieties.

Managing a complete career switch around is an incredibly seismic change and it’s not easy, but the benefits we get from coming out the other side, not just in terms of a new career, but that overriding sense of satisfaction in doing something that we really want to do means that all of the hard work was worth it. So many of us make drastic turnarounds in our choice of career, because we realise that what we have been doing didn’t fulfil us. So if you are considering a massive change, it’s achievable.


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