Christmas Stocking Fillers for Children

Disclaimer – some items in this gift guide have been given to me as press samples to consider for inclusion. I have only included items I genuinely think would be nice gifts. Some of the links are affiliate links so if you go on to purchase items after clicking them I get a small payment at no extra cost to you.

If you are filling a stocking or sack of gifts for a child and stuck for ideas then these may help. Don’t forget to check out my gift guide for children too for some larger size gifts. We all know Santa loves gifts that fit into stockings/sacks of all sizes so he may find these suggestions handy too! If you have a new baby or are looking for a new stocking this one from Mamas and Papas is gorgeous and well worth a look.

If you are looking for a gift for a child who loves Lego but you want to avoid getting another set? This amazing set of base plates and stackers is a perfect gift. It is compatible with Lego and other popular sets. Check out the selection on Amazon from just £10 including sets like this and ones with round baseplates too!



How about a phone case? It may sound rather dull but actually thinking about it how much we use our phones nowadays a good quality phone case like this which is tested to protect a phone when dropped may be perfect for a gift for a child with a phone. These Speck cases are designed for impact and depending on your phone and choice of style the prices vary but are very similar to other good quality cases.


drinks bottles


If your child always has a drink on the go or often takes a packed lunch then these stylish fun bottles would be a great addition to their stocking. There is a huge range which includes these two and the prices are from £9.99 to £16.99 depending on size and style. The Sigg Kids bottles are BPA free and made to withstand daily use.


robot wars hexbug


Hexbug toys are really popular with children at the moment and this Robot Wars creature is a reasonably cheap addition at £7.99 to their collection especially if they already have the Robot Wars Stadium. The Hexbug website has all the available Hexbugs at the moment so take a look and see what you think.


Putty in a tin


Putty and Slime are really popular at the moment so this one is sure to be a great buy. This Professor Pengelly’s Thermo reactive putty in radiant purple changes to pink with heat! How cool is that? It is available from Menkind who do some amazing gadgets and fun gifts so do take a look around! This is £6.99 so not a bad price at all for a fun gift.


poopsie slime surprise


Poopsie Slime Surprise is a pack that can be added to the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn (review here) or played with on its own. The cylinder contains the ingredients to mix up and make a glittery slime! Each pack contains a different combination of colours/glitter so each time you will get different slime! These packs are £9.99 in most stores including Amazon.


Paint sticks


If you haven’t seen Paintsticks you really don’t know what you are missing out on. Think of chunky pens that are a little like gluesticks that draw in paint. They are great and so much less messy than paint but still as bright and fun. They dry quickly and don’t need any water or brushes so a great gift! These Little Brian Paint Sticks are £7.99 from Amazon but other colour packs are available including dayglo, fabric and metallic so do take a look.


Ordnancce survery colouring book


This Great British colouring book from Ordnance survey is a lovely detailed colouring book for an older child who loves geography and likes to colour. With so many adult colouring books available now this is a lovely one suitable for older children who want something grown up as it is actually interesting too rather than just endless pictures that have no real learning behind them. At £14.99 you can buy it directly from Ordnance Survey where they do a variety of other map related gifts too.


blue football


This football isn’t just any football but it is the One World Futbol. It never goes flat and doesn’t need pumping up. Perfect for a child who is forever bursting balls! It isn’t cheap at £35 but depending how many balls you go through in a year may be a great investment!! It is built to withstand even the harshest environments. Each purchase helps fund play projects for children in disadvantaged communities worldwide.


okido magazines


The Okido educational magazine is great for a young scientist to find activities and learn about all things science and arts. IT is aimed at children aged 3-7 and each issue is full of fun activities like the one in the photo above. A subscription is from £30 every 6 months so this is a gift that will last for a while making it a nice choice if you know they will have lots to open on Christmas day. For full details of the Okido magazine and subscription options visit the Okido website.


Lost Kitties blind box


Lost kitties are a popular blind bag/box type toy at the moment particularly with young girls. Something like this is a great addition to the stocking or sack this Christmas. Available from most supermarkets and toy shops including Amazon for £4.25 though if you are spending over £20 on Amazon you can have it as an add on item for just £3.61 at the moment.


swimming goggles


If you are buying for a child who is a keen swimmer then some goggles may be a great addition to their stocking. These Kameleon Junior goggles are great quality and just £9.99 on the Aquasphere swim website. Remember to check they haven’t got too big/tall for their other swimming gear too and buy those too if necessary!


selection of books


The Little Box of Books is a children’s book club for 0-7 year olds. From £18 a month they can receive up to 4 books a month direct to their door. I love the fact that each box includes some activities too. For each book you buy from Little Box of Books the company donate a book to a child who needs it somewhere in the UK through their charity partner. So not only are you giving the gift of reading to the child you are buying for but also for another child who is in need too. Check out The Little Box of Books website for all the information you need to buy this for a child this Christmas.


cut in half book


For an older child that is always asking questions this is a perfect gift. It shows what is inside so many household items by literally showing it cut in half. This book will satisfy your curious child for hours while you relax with a cuppa or glass of wine! It is available at many book shops and of course also on Amazon for £21.99.



Pop up books are no longer just for toddlers. This Augmented Reality digital pop up book is a story that comes to life with your phone or tablet aimed at 7-11 year olds. It is fun, different and a bargain at £5.99 so well worth adding to your child’s stocking this year. Pop over to Amazon for more information or to buy it.



Above is a sneak peak inside the augmented reality book but without showing you the fun bits you will get with the phone/tablet – I am not spoiling it for you!


CIA childrens spy kit


The CIA (Children’s Intelligence Agency) brings you this cool, educational (not that the kids will notice that) kit. Learning to code is now in the curriculum for children at school. This kit takes your child on adventures with Detective Dot and for just £18.99 this will provide them with lots of learning and fun. The missions really empower young boys and girls to be the best they can be. Ideal for ages 7+ it is personalised for your child to make it extra special.


impulse body mists

These impulse body mists would make a lovely stocking filler for a girl or teenager who wants to smell good but you don’t want to buy perfume for just yet. They are available in most supermarkets and places like Boots and Superdrug for just a few pounds and last ages!


Quentin blake science museum bag and accessories

Look at all these amazing items from the Science Museum and with illustrations on by Quentin Blake. They are great for stocking fillers! These are just a few of a huge range of Quentin Blake items you can get on the Science Museum Website. Pop over and have a look. If you are in the area too they have them in the museum too with a few other items not available online.




These Brainwavz noise cancelling earphones are a great gift for a music loving teenager and come with a small carrycase as you can see too. They are £44.81 and available on the Brainwavz website though currently sold out. These similar ones by Brainwavz on Amazon look great value too.


365 penguins book

This 365 Penguins book is brilliant. It is a basic story of a family receiving a penguin delivered to them every day for a year. It is hilarious and suitable for a huge variety of ages. It is available in many book shops or on Amazon for £11.34.


johnsons sleep set

If you are wanting to fill a stocking for a baby it can be really difficult. A Johnsons Sleep Tight set like this would be a perfect addition in bulking out the stocking with something nice you know will get used. You can find all the information of what is included in the set on the Johnsons Baby website and it can be bought in Boots, Superdrug, and most supermarkets.


Diary of a wimpy kid book

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are fantastic and this latest one in the series is just as good as the previous ones. This book only came out a few weeks ago so it is likely any child you are buying for doesn’t have it yet and it would be a great addition to their stocking or Christmas box. It is £6.49 on Amazon but is available in most supermarkets and book shops too.


crochet panda kit


Are you buying for someone crafty who would love to learn to crochet? This kit is just £14.99 and contains all you need to crochet a cute panda. It is available alongside lots of other craft kits on Crafter’s Companion. This would be a lovely gift for a child who likes sewing, knitting, crochet or similar activities. Do check you are happy with the needle or hook for them though.

haribo sweets

Haribo – kids and grown ups love them and most children would of course be delighted to find them in their stocking or sack this year. Here are a few of the selections available. They are on sale in most supermarkets and smaller sweet shops too!

watercolour and inktense blocks pencils

If you are buying for an arty child how about some quality Derwent art supplies? There are a huge variety of tins like this available and all good prices from around £10-15 so well worth taking a look over on the Derwent website for the full variety and examples of how they look when you draw with them.


If you are buying for a child who is gluten free or are just looking for something a bit fun and different to add to their stocking don’t forget to check out these tasty Zoo biscuits. They are available in most supermarkets so easy to pick up and add to your weekly shop. Just remember not to eat them before Christmas!



I hope this has given you some great ideas, and Santa if you are reading I hope it has helped you too! Do check out my other gift guides, reviews and Christmas themed posts by clicking below.

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