Morphy Richards PrepStar from AO – A Review

I have never owned a food processor and to be honest never really understood what the point of them was until I was asked to review the Morphy Richards PrepStar by AO. With a £69 price tag at the moment it is pretty good value and seems to do so much so I was keen to test it out.

morphy richards food processor

What can the PrepStar do?


To be honest it would probably be easier to tell you what it can’t do! It is such a machine that can do an amazing selection of things. It can grate, chop, mix, whip, blend and blitz pretty much anything. The bowl is a good size and the different accessories even all fit inside it so it is easy to store!


storage caddy of prepstar


How good is it in reality?


The motor on the PrepStar is 350 watt which doesn’t mean much to me as I am rubbish with these things but I can tell you it has a good amount of power. There are a choice of speeds including a pulse function and this means it can tackle almost anything! With a 4 litre bowl there isn’t much you would ever make that wouldn’t fit in there. Lets face it if you did need to make something huge you would just need to make it in two batches! It is even easy to clean which I think is a huge bonus with this kind of thing!




How about AO as a retailer?

This comes with a 2 year warrantee and I have first hand experience of a faulty item from AO and their service to replace the item was fantastic. The company are great to order from and always seem to have good prices. I was very impressed with the way this and my other item was packaged and really couldn’t fault AO at all.


My Overall thoughts of the Morphy Richards PrepStar


I think it is a great appliance that doesn’t take up much space but does so many things. It has good power and most importantly to me is easy to operate and to clean. If you are looking for a food processor then I would definitely recommend this one as I have got on with it really well and cant wait to use it to make my homemade Christmas Stuffing.

If you fancy buying yourself the Morphy Richards PrepStar or reading more about it pop over to the AO website and have a read here.


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