Moving During The Festive Season? Ensure You Can Save On Time And Cash

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Whether you’ve bought a new home, or are moving into another rented property; it can be an admin-filled and costly process. Christmas is just around the corner, and things will be costing you enough cash already. Moving home is always full of the little things that you didn’t think about until the last minute, and thinking about things last minute can end up costing you more time and cash that you don’t have to spare. The following are some areas to sort out before your moving day, or as soon as you can when you’ve been handed your new set of keys so that you aren’t paying more than expected, and you’ll have enough for all the presents under the tree.

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It’s Time To Contact And Book Your Team

You’ll need to consider how you’re going to get all of your essential services and energy into your new home before you get there. You don’t want to turn up to your new abode in the depths of winter and have no gas or hot water to utilize, so be smart when it comes to sorting out the right things. You’ll also need all your belongings to be packed safely, to avoid damage, and to arrive on your chosen moving day. Therefore, check out companies like Grange Removals and ensure you’ve booked them so that you’ll have peace of mind your items will be taken care of.

If you rely heavily on the internet, for work or to keep in touch with family; you’ll need to make sure that this is another area that you have covered efficiently. It can take weeks for an internet connection to be up and running, so bear that in mind before you move house and decide on your supplier in good time. Take a look online for more tips on a stress-free move. The more you plan before moving day arrives, the smoother your transition will be and you’ll be able to enjoy your new home in no time.

Make a List (And Check It Twice)

You don’t want your new refrigerator and sofa turning up four days early to your new residence, only to be turned away and sent back to the warehouse. Being mindful of the dates of when your essential household items are delivered will save you the cost of redelivery and any storage costs that you may have to fork out because the old tenants don’t want to deal with your mattress as they are moving out. Therefore, it’s crucial that you write down your new items in chronological order so that you can plan their deliveries wisely. It’s also worth thinking about what you can wait for, as sale season will follow Christmas quickly, and you’ll probably grab a bargain or two.

Think about the crucial items that you will need on your first day. For example, you’ll probably need a mattress to sleep on, but you can live without a bed frame for a while; so prioritise your list and be smart with your choices. Don’t buy the whole homewares store in a fit of moving excitement either; try to live in your new environment for a while before figuring out what it needs and what you’ll use so that you won’t grow unnecessary clutter and mess. Making well thought out decisions will save you money on impulse buys that you won’t use or will need to replace in the future.


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