7 Ways to help a charity or someone in need this Christmas

At this time of year we often think about the homeless or people with little money but actually there are so many people in different circumstances you can easily help this Christmas even with less than a week to go now!

Donate to the Food Bank

It doesn’t always have to cost a fortune to help a charity or someone who is struggling. Just donating a couple of items to a food bank could make all the difference. I always try to donate something a little special because if you are budgeting at Christmas and struggling to afford each meal you are likely to not buy luxuries so that’s a nice extra treat for whoever needs it.

Pop your change in a charity box

Probably one of the easiest ways to help but remember it all adds up. I recently noticed Greene King pubs have a way of adding 25p to your bill before paying by card for MacMillan which I thought was great.

Buy a gift from a charity shop

This does not mean you have to buy someone second hand clothes, though of course you can if you wish. Many charity shops however have new items for sale also such as the range at Cancer Research UK which includes the gorgeous Christmas Eve box below which was £14.99 but now £9.99. There is a great range both online and in their shops.

Help someone local who is struggling

Some people are too proud to ask for help but if you know someone who is struggling you could take them round something you “bought too many of” or even anonymously pop a little card and £5 note through their letterbox. Sometimes the little gesture really makes you feel good and doing it for no thanks is even better.

Donate coats and warm clothes to the homeless

Many areas have collection points, there is one in the A&E of our local hospital. If you have bought new then take your old one to donate!

Write a letter or send a card to a child who is seriously ill

A charity I love called Postpals helps children who are seriously or terminally ill by encouraging people to send them happy post. for just the cost of a stamp you could send a smile to a child who is bored in hospital or unable to go out and have fun over Christmas. Don’t forget the siblings too who often are left out and get less attention while the parents are caring. Check out the Postpals website here.

Help those with mental health problems or who are lonely

Anyone can go through a difficult period whether it be due to mental health issues, old age, being a single parent, being in an abusive relationship or something else. People are good at putting a brave face on but may be struggling more than you realise. Give them a call Christmas day, invite them round, or just ask if they need anything it could make all the difference. The phone numbers etc below may help too so do share them or this post as a whole online so anyone who needs them can see them even if they haven’t been open about their struggles.

The Samaritans
116 123 (UK)
116 123 (ROI)
jo@samaritans.org (UK)
jo@samaritans.ie (ROI)

0808 2000 247

0808 808 1677

0800 11 11

0800 4 70 80 90

0300 330 0630
Online Webchat Available

0300 304 7000

Papyrus HOPEline
0800 068 4141
Text 07786 209 697

0808 808 4994

Amongst others are all open across the holiday season – check their websites for full opening hours and other services as I’m sure I’ve not listed them all.

How else could we help others this Christmas? Comment below and let me know!

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