Guest Post: How to go Vegan – Top Tips!

Here I have a fantastic guest post for you from a blogging friend who has written about going vegan. This si something that has always interested me and I know some of you readers have thought about it too. I am still recovering from my operation so work is minimal and this proves a great read. Sophie Mei Lan is a fantastic blogger who also has an extremely popular YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Do pop and say hi if you enjoy this post. For now I will hand you over to Sophie.

I have been Vegan for a year now and here’s how I went from being a life-long Vegetarian to a full-time Vegan since Veganuary 2018.

Veganuary is in the month of January and its aim is to inspire people to turn Vegan for the month and if possible, for the rest of the year.

But rather than go from Vegetarian to Vegan overnight, I did it in stages so I could get used to my diet change and feel prepared.

From November 2017, I stopped buying eggs as I ate a lot of eggs to boost my protein. I knew I had up my protein intake using pulses and tofu so I wasn’t just cutting things out of my diet.

This gradual change has also helped me to turn Vegan whilst recovering from an Eating Disorder. ( But I would recommend first and foremost to consult a medical professional before turning Vegan. For me, I can’t allow myself to check all food items as I can get obsessive about it, so instead I just do my best without feeling too bad (


Here’s why I went Vegan:



Here’s how I turned Vegan, it’s not medical advice and I am not a health professional, it’s just the way I found to be most effective:

  1. Start with one plant-based meal a week: Try and transform a meal from something meaty or cheesy into something Vegan (there’s loads of swaps you can make). Try to replace rather than cut out.
  2. Go gradually by reducing your intake of dairy or meat items. Veganuary is a great aim but I know I would’ve failed if I had gone from eating lots of dairy to turning plant-based over-night. It’s amazing how your taste buds change over a period of time. So start prior to Veganuary and then January is great top boost your momentum.
  3. Get stocked up: You need to be prepared to maintain your health and diet, so get stocked up on Vegan Food and replacements, Here’s what I recommend:
  4. Go to Vegan Cookery Classes or watch films online: I took the kids to a Vegan cookery class and I learnt about replacements in cooking and baking e.g. You can use Chickpea Juice aka Aqua Fava as egg whites for baking and meringues etc. Here’s what my kids made in terms of Vegan food:
  5. Plan where you eat out: A lot of places will cater for Vegans if you let them know in advance. But better still, there are lots of cafes, restaurants and eateries who cater already for Vegans. I own a cafe with my MasterChef Husband Chris Hale (, so we make sure there are plenty of Vegan and Vegetarian options on the menu that are exciting and interesting ( Here’s our home-made Full Vegan breakfast:
  6. Think about where you shop for clothes, food, homeware and accessories. I’ve been shocked at how things are made and what they are made of – so I try to be as conscientious as possible.
  7. “Anything is better than nothing”: Is my life motto. So if you make a mistake or eat something try not to feel bad and just start again. It’s the same when it comes to exercise anything is better than nothing. As often we/I can do all or nothing.

So keep it interesting, start slow and just try your best. Have you turned Vegan? What are your tips?



You can find more about Sophie and her websites here:

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