If you were given £100,000 how would you spend it?

We all have these dreams don’t we? Usually when we buy tickets for the lottery or see quiz shows on the TV. The reality is whether it be holidays, cars, or houses we all know exactly what our first purchase would be! What would yours be?

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I think that we all have different views and that is largely dependant on our age. I did read some research on what other people said and was puzzled that apparently lots of people would spend the money on helping their family out with money! How 38% say they would give a cash gift to their children is beyond me. Don’t get me wrong I would buy things that would be good for Ben in the long term but put it in the bank for him – no chance! Who are these people?! I love Ben to bits but the reality is life as a whole needs to be focussed on and there are better uses for it than in the bank!


What would I spend it on?

So, I am in my 30’s (in less than 2 years I will be 40!) and my thoughts vary quite often. I think paying off the mortgage where we live would be high priority. Or using it to move house perhaps depending on what was available. I wouldn’t worry too much about a car but would definitely consider a really good family holiday. This would be along with a nice holiday for just Stuart and I, child free! In the way of possessions I can’t think of anything I would particularly want and would focus on my future. In all honesty though I wouldn’t save any it would all be spent very easily!

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What would Ben spend it on?

As a 13 year old boy I thought it would be funny to see what Ben would spend £100,000 on if he had it now bearing in mind he has his life ahead of him. Kids can be so funny can’t they? What would your children spend it on? Would they think of the future or the here and now?

Ben took this task very seriously working out how much each of the items he wanted would be (in his estimations) and adding it all up! He says he would spend it on a new Xbox and PS5 when it comes out and all the games and accessories he could buy for them. In addition to this he would spend £20,000 on a lime green Lamborghini. He wasn’t at all concerned about a house or a holiday but says that FIFA points and Match Attax cards would be high on his list of priorities. Surprisingly he also said he would donate £5,000 to Cancer Research UK because he says it would help cure cancer.


Ben with xbox one controller


What would my mum buy?


My mum, in her mid 50’s, had a very different answer to me and perhaps fits a little more into the research results. She says she would go on a nice holiday with my Step-Dad, give some to her children, and consider buying a piece of artwork at auction! A piece of art isn’t something I would have even considered if I had a million pounds but actually I do love nice art. Maybe it is an age thing and if you ask me in 20 years I would chose art? Who knows but I do hope my mum is doing everything she can to come into an unexpected £100,000 if it means I would get a share!


What would you spend £100,000 on? Do you agree with any of us? Maybe you have different ideas? I would love to tell you that the person who comments with the best idea will win it, but sadly not! I can only wish of having an amazing giveaway like that for you! Do check out my giveaways though as I have a few good ones!

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