My Bikini Holiday Bucket List

This is a sponsored post which means I have been paid a little to include something within the post for example a link. All views however are my own and holidays I would love to go on!


As you know I am back to trying to lose weight and get back into my bikinis again. I have been thinking of the sorts of holidays I would love to go on when I am back into feeling good about my body. Obviously this mini bucket list also implies I have unlimited money as lets face it we often have to chose holidays based on out budgets at the time!

Jen after weight loss in bikini and cover up

Majorca – I would love to go back to Majorca as that is where we enjoy holidaying as a family. Perhaps looking at Villas in Majorca instead of all inclusive hotels. I would love a big villa and to take family or friends away with us too.

Cape Verde – This is a place that I love the sound of. I used to have a Pen-pal there and it sounds amazing. I would love to go on holiday there but with it being so hot it is somewhere that I really want to be comfortable in my bikini for! Have you been there? I would love to hear your views.


Orlando – I would love to visit America and Orlando sounds amazing. I think I would love the villa experience there and have seen some nice ones on Clickstay. One with a pool would be perfect. Not that I can swim but Ben would love it and I could just lie by the pool in the sun. I love just relaxing reading on holiday so that sounds good.


pool with grass outside a villa in the sun

Mauritius – This is somewhere I have always loved the look of. It looks so luxurious and relaxing whilst being warm. Some amazing beaches too it is definitely somewhere on my bucket list. I know many people go there on honeymoons so maybe someone reading this will be able to tell me the best areas to visit or best places that are good but cheaper than the tourist hotspots!


Hawaii – I guess my views may be clouded by how Hawaii is portrayed on the TV but it sounds amazing. Such a long way and so expensive though I guess it could be on the bucket list for a while yet! Until I look at maps I forget quite how in the middle of the ocean it actually is don’t you? I love the idea of going there but not sure about the distance it would be a long journey!


Australia – Who doesn’t want to visit Australia? I would love to go to the busy cities but also experience the outback and being in the middle of nowhere. The long flight would be so worth it with so much to do there. It has been my dream to visit Australia since I watched Neighbours as a child! Am I the only one with a slanted view of Australia because of that soap?


New Zealand – I have a friend in New Zealand who I would absolutely love to go and visit. We started as Pen-pals around 10 years or so ago I think. I am sure Shannon will see this and correct me! We have stayed friends since. I would love to go and visit her and her family and New Zealand looks amazing.


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