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If you are planning a renovation your home or any interior design in rooms in 2020 then now is the time to start planning. I know it is nearly Christmas and you have other things to do but it could save you money in the long run.

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Flat painting

Take advantage of autumn prices

At this time of year the demand for home renovations is low and there are often sales on to help encourage business. This is the perfect time to book in something for the spring and see if they will allow you to lock in these prices! It is always wise to pay any deposits on credit card though. The reason for this is that if companies go bust then your credit card company is jointly liable and can refund you.

Always ensure you have the quote in writing and it clearly states how long it is valid for with written receipts. Simple things like this can really take away stress in future months.

Book the best contractors

Have you ever looked at home renovation and then found the recommended contractor for something like cavity wall insulation is fully booked up for months? Get in there now and book them ready! While this might not save you money it is sure to get you good value for money as you will have the contractor you want. Be sure to check online for reviews and don’t end up with a cowboy.

If you are having new aluminium windows you may have found the perfect ones but need to arrange your other renovations around them. Booking them in early means you can ensure everything is done in a smooth sensible order. No one wants windows done after they have decorated if they can help it do they!

Boxing day sale prices for renovations

Start choosing what you like now so that when the sales come you know if the offers you see are good deals as they are not always. Additionally this helps because you can work out your budget now and know whether you can afford the bargains! The sofa sales at the big stores often are very similar to their usual prices and a bit of a trick to be honest so always best to think ahead and not impulse buy.

If you can measure rooms you may need carpets for or alcoves etc and pop these measurements in your purse so you have them handy if you see anything you like.

You have time to change your mind

It is so easy if you leave things until the last minute to plan you end up making rash decisions. If you start planning now there is plenty of time to change ideas and really visualise your ideas. Remember to talk them through with family or friends who may have different ideas or may point out flaws you hadn’t considered.

Have I missed anything? Are there any other tips you would share? Are you looking for vintage doors? If so check out this post.

Planning your 2020 renovation

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