This article includes links I have been paid to include but all dreams and things I am buying when I am rich are my own.

What would you buy if you suddenly became rich? Are these similar to your plans?

Two credit cards sitting on a laptop keyboard


Of course one of the first things I would buy if I came into a lot of money is some property. Here are some of the types of property I would be looking for.

Castle in the countryside

How amazing would a castle or stately home be in the countryside? A bit like the Queen goes to Balmoral! I would love it all old-fashioned and very like a stately home though. Not modern as that would just seem wrong.

A villa in Spain

I would love a villa in Spain. There are some amazing villas in Marbella or perhaps Madrid, I guess maybe we could buy both!

A stylish flat in London

Have you seen some of the amazing serviced apartments in London? We drove past some near Kensington Palace and I would love to own or even rent one.

A villa in Florida

This would be a great way of keeping our income up. It is easy to spend a lot of money then I imagine struggle with the upkeep etc. By renting out a property in Florida when we didn’t need it we could live an amazing life!

Bright blue sea water with cliffs in the background
a very nice place to swim in the sea



I would love to buy a really special expensive diamond necklace and choose one which is perfect without having to even look at the price. Imagine the life of being rich!


Can you imagine having different designer watches for each outfit? Definitely a life goal of mine! Not that I ever remember to put my watch on!

Closeup of a silver watch on a person\'s wrist
The businesswoman looks at her watch


I am not a big fan of cars but would love to be able to have a nice variety of cars for different uses.


Ben has always said he would love a lime green Lamborghini so if I could I would love to buy one for him, and a chauffeur until he is old enough to drive it himself!


When we were in Portsmouth Ben fell in love with Porsches at the showroom next to the hotel. I would absolutely love to take Ben there to choose one! Can you imagine the excitement if I was rich enough!

A mother and a son at the seaside, smiling for the camera


I would love to just have wardrobes and wardrobes full of clothes. To be able to have a personal shopper to help me choose clothes that I would have never chosen and with no worry about cost at all.

Shoes as well, wow I would love to get a selection of posh shoes even if I never wore them! I wear boots or trainers most of the time and have heels for when I go out anywhere nice. Maybe I would never wear posh shoes but they would look good on shelves!

If you suddenly became rich what would you spend it on? Is there anything I have missed that you would definitely buy?

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