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Fitting exercise into your daily schedule doesn’t have to be a chore! Encouraging the family to get fit should be a fun way to spend more time together, as well as helping them to form healthy habits. Regular exercise can lower the risk of heart disease, control weight, and even improve concentration and overall mental health. Another positive can be its ability to improve your muscle strength and endurance, which means you’ll generally have more energy throughout the day! 

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Struggling to think up ways to exercise as a family? Do they run around at school but not at home? They eat different foods at home to school too, don’t they!

Don’t worry! 

Here are three simple ways your family can get their bodies moving and their blood pumping!

Take a walk

This may seem way too obvious but is actually the easiest way to get in your daily exercise! 

Just walking to the shop instead of driving could have huge benefits for your health. How about taking daily walks to run errands and try leaving the car at home? Alternatively, why not try going for a family walk after dinner every day? 

Just 30 minutes of walking per day is enough to improve your health. You could even track your progress with fun charts and stickers! 

And if you’ve got toddlers? Take the pram…just in case! We all know how quickly those little legs can get fatigued!

Have activity days

Set it in stone that one day a week you’ll take part in a family activity.

To keep it interesting you could try a different activity each week such as swimming, hiking or cycling. Slot this dedicated time into each week to do something fun and different. 

Why not try classes such as yoga or dancing? Or head to the beach and cycle along the coast? You could even pack a picnic and find a local hill or nature reserve to explore. Not only will these simple activity days get your blood pumping, but it’s also a great way to get the kids exploring their local environment. 

Make it a competition 

This could go one of two ways, but there’s no harm in trying, right?  

Healthy competition between family members is a great way to get everyone moving. You could set up an obstacle course, or a race and offer a prize for the winner. The harder the better! Keep a tally of who wins each time to keep track. It’s got to be better than playing Monopoly, which we all know generally ends in tears!

Try these simple exercise ideas as a family and make sure to fit in rest and recovery days, as this is equally important! You could even try recovery equipment such as a massage gun or foam roller, which will help you to wind down and relax after a particularly gruelling workout.

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