I feel like I am getting old. Now I know 40 is not actually that old but it feels it when you still feel young! I thought I would write you a little lighthearted post of all the reasons I don’t want to be 40!

A chocolate birthday cake with colourful candles

So here are ten reasons I don’t want to be 40, just to give you a giggle!

40 is halfway to 80, 80 is really quite old! I don’t want to become housebound and needing carers for a long time yet! The idea of being almost halfway there seems daunting! I do however appreciate many 80-year-old people don’t need this support yet!

At 40 you are very much classed as middle-aged – what comes after young, middle and what comes after the middle, old! Being middle-aged is another sign that I am getting old!

By 40 I will have spent over half my life as an adult – I am probably not as adult as I should be at times but it makes childhood seem so long ago!

The fire risk – 40 blooming candles on a cake – are people serious, I will stick to one or two candles, please!

Grey hair – I am grey enough already, the idea of getting older and more grey hairs is not good news!

Baylis and Harding white candle on a table with pink flowers.

When I am 40 people will start to assume I like gardening, DIY and generally understand things like the electricity bill and the different tariffs. I don’t have the foggiest! Should I learn these things or just keep winging it?

I don’t understand properly about pensions and other such nonsense and at 40 maybe this is something I should be thinking of? I would prefer to consider myself young and not having to worry about that!

The fact I have friends with grandchildren already and more and more seem to be appearing. I so don’t want to be a grandparent. Getting older means this is getting closer. Let’s just hope Ben keeps me young and doesn’t make me a Grandma until I am at least 60!

Red wine – another thing I am not a big fan of but seems to be something people say “you will enjoy when you are older”. Why is that? I just don’t get it!

40 is just that, 40, forty years on the planet, forty years since I was born. This can only mean one thing, I am getting old and I just don’t want to get old.

So, if you are reading this please be aware I am boycotting growing older and will never be 40, I think I will stay 38 forever, 38 doesn’t seem too bad!

Are you someone who enjoys birthdays or dreads them?

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