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Christmas shopping is the one thing that gets me in the spirit without fail every year. It’s the season of giving after all. Something about buying gifts for loved ones whilst surrounded by the decorations, the lights, and everyone bundled up in warm clothes just kickstarts that Christmassy feeling. Bonus points if there are brass bands or carol singers. 

Happy festive blonde with shopping bags against blurry new york street
Happy festive blonde with shopping bags against blurry new york street

There are some quintessentially Christmassy things that christmas shopping just wouldn’t feel right without.

1- The Community

Whether you’re wildly organized and doing your christmas shopping in late November/early December, or you’re scrambling to get it together within a week of Christmas, there’s a feeling of camaraderie in the air. You can feel this, especially at Christmas markets. Also in the mad Christmas Eve present dash – where you can tell that everyone else is doing the same thing as you. 

It’s also a great time of year to really show up to support small businesses in your area. Nothing beats passing on the christmas spirit like helping to ensure your fave local shops and businesses have a busy christmas period. When you buy from independent businesses, they can really feel the positive impact of your purchases, so you get to pass on just a little of that Christmas spirit.

2 – The Food

Everybody knows that all the calories we consume in December are burned off making our Christmas spirit – which is lucky because tasty food and drinks are one of the best things about Christmas shopping

If you’re shopping at a Christmas market, sometimes the food is the main attraction, with whole stalls dedicated to mulled wine, churros hog roasts, pies, and hot chocolates. 

If you’re just out in town or late night shopping for your pressies, stopping for a hot chocolate loaded with cream and marshmallows, or mulled wine and a mince pie is vital in order to keep the energy up and stay warm…or at least that’s what we tell ourselves. 

3 – The Decorations

There’s nothing like a bit of christmas tree envy to make you step up your game when it comes to your own christmas decorations. One of the best things about christmas shopping is the way stores go all out with their decor. 

Some stores go with minimalist, elegant white christmas themes and then there are the shops that favour bright colours and flashy lights. 

All I know is that there’s something that makes shops feel cosy, inviting, and spirited over December. Maybe it’s the soft LED lighting which makes shops look like they’re glowing, maybe it’s the welcoming warmth when your nose and fingers are numb from the wind, maybe it’s the curbside appeal of all the christmas decorations. Either way, that’s some serious christmas-spirit-building stuff. 

4 – The perfect gift

Anyone else have that one family member or friend who is impossible to buy for? They might not have everything, but they’re still uniquely difficult – and are normally the ones who will just shrug and say “you don’t have to get me anything” when you ask them what they want. 

They might be the most infuriating part of your Christmas every year, and when December starts you might seriously consider cutting them out of your life just so you don’t have to buy them another gift, but there’s not much in the world more satisfying than finding them that one perfect present. The sort of present that brings a tear to their eye if they’re a crier. Presents like that make Christmas Day feel all the more enticing because you just can’t wait to watch them open it. And shopping for that gift might be annoying and frustrating, but it’s so very worth it. 

5 – The Atmosphere 

There are a lot of things that go into the perfect Christmas atmosphere. All the sights, the smells, the sounds go into creating one big beautiful warm Christmas feeling. Making a day of your Christmas shopping on those perfect winter days is all too easy, and then going home to settle in with your perfect gifts, full of Christmas treats… that’s unbeatable.

5 Reasons Why I Love Christmas Shopping

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