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Not many children are excellent in every single one of their academic subjects, particularly without extra hard work. Some children love to use their imaginations and thrive in English, while others prefer dealing with facts and numbers. Other children are great at sports and physical subjects, but not so good with the more traditional academic lessons.

It would be unfair for parents to expect their children to be A* students in every class. However, if your child is struggling across the board, you can check out the Lovlan language tutors or it may be worth considering a private tutor to help give them the boost they need. I have teamed up with a private school in Enfield to discuss some signs that your child might need a private tutor.

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Your Child Lacks Confidence

If your child seems to have low self-esteem, particularly where the school is concerned, it could be a sign that they’re struggling a little bit or falling behind with certain subjects. A private tutor will be able to help them in this area because when they start to understand the concepts they were finding difficult, their confidence will improve. 

Your Child is Emotional During Homework Sessions

The occasional outburst about homework is probably nothing to worry about, but if your child is constantly getting themselves worked up during homework sessions, it might be because they need some extra help. 

Your Child Misses Deadlines

If the teachers have reported that your child seems to frequently miss project deadlines, it could be because they are finding the work too challenging to complete. 

Your Child Hates School

Lots of kids say that they find school boring and, understandably, would prefer to stay at home. However, if your child has expressed a deeper hatred towards school and is often looking for ways they can get out of going, it could be because they’re finding certain lessons difficult. 

Your Child is Excelling in Something

If your child seems to have a keen interest in a particular subject and they are doing well in their graded work, you might want to consider hiring a private tutor to help take their understanding that step further and allow them to reach their full potential. 

Of course, some of these signs might indicate that something else is going on in your child’s life, so don’t jump to conclusions. For instance, your child might hate going to school because they are being bullied or because they can’t see the board as they need glasses. Before you go ahead and hire a private tutor, make sure you are certain it will solve the problem. 

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