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Dressing up your kids is a daunting task in itself. You see a lot of fashionable pieces and think your children will look good in them. Yet at the end of the day, you simply settle with anything that’s comfortable. 

Here’s the thing: comfortable can be fashionable. As parents, it’s part of your responsibility to dress your kids in a way that’s appropriate and pleasing to the eye. 

It’s not about constantly keeping tabs on trends. The trick to fashionable kids’ dressing is sticking to classic designs that never go out of style. 


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Everyone has at least one striped tee in their closet. Why? Because it’s a classic pattern that suits the young and old. 

A black-and-white horizontal-striped combo, also known as the Breton shirt, has been in history since sailors donned the look in the early 19th century. Now, it has turned into a fashion piece that even kids can ace. 

There are many ways children can wear stripes. They can wear a striped shirt matched with a good pair of jeans. Stripes also work well for a shift dress for little girls to wear. 

Geometric Patterns

You can always find geometric patterns like squares, triangles, and diamonds on fashion runways. The boldness of the print makes it an instant standout, but who says geometric prints don’t make a classic fashion piece? 

Kids can definitely wear shapes and patterns. The trick to subduing the loudness is to choose pieces that have a smaller pattern. Think closely about parallel zigzags, circles, and other shapes. This way, the patterns don’t overwhelm a kid’s small size. 


Plaid is one versatile print people of all ages and genders can wear. Take a look at punk, hipster, and pop fashion—plaid pieces are a constant trend. It’s an evergreen print kids can sport any season on almost any occasion. 

There are many ways kids can rock plaid. A safe style to follow is pairing it with a plain black or white clothing article—like a pair of pants or a crew-neck shirt. Tiny tots can also use a long-sleeved plaid polo as a cardigan for chilly days. 

Earthy Tones 

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Muted earth-tone palettes are becoming a modern trend as the demand for sustainable materials increases. It won’t be a surprise if this trend becomes a classic.  

Earthy hues like browns, warm greys, tans, and greens make up a basic wardrobe. And what do you love about basics? They can be paired with anything. 

Giving your kids’ wardrobe a touch of earth tones makes it easier for you to mix and match pieces. There will be no more scrambling to prepare the kids to go out for an errand or a trip.


Floral patterns present a very retro vibe, but they also look amazing in modern fashion. While they get the spotlight during summer, kids can wear floral prints all year round. 

Young girls can wear dainty dresses with brightly coloured floral patterns. A darker floral palette in longer-style dresses suits them best for tweens and teens. The result is a hippie-chic outfit that’s very reminiscent of the ’70s peace-and-love movement.

What to Do with Outdated Clothes

Before curating your kids’ closets, it helps to get rid of outdated clothing to free up some space. Whether they’ve already outgrown a piece of clothing or that simply doesn’t spark joy anymore, keep it in a pile to donate to orphanages and nonprofit organizations. 

There’s also the option to sell things online. Setting up an online store won’t only give extra income. It will also add up to the family’s shopping budget.

The Benefits of Wearing Timeless Pieces

You may have arrived at a point where you look at your children’s closets and spend hours finding the perfect outfit. You’re bombarded with blatant logos and loud prints, but nothing seems to match.

This common wardrobe dilemma has a simple solution: building a capsule wardrobe. Curating your children’s clothes saves time and budget and unleashes your styling prowess.

Fashion trends change, but constantly keeping up with what’s hip and cool is impractical, especially for parents. Keep these timeless, child-friendly prints and patterns in mind to dress kids fashionably and efficiently and, of course, without breaking the bank. Start building a timeless children’s wardrobe by first picking out versatile prints and patterns that stand the test of time.

What are your favourite styles of kids’ clothes? Are they listed above?

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