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I am trying to treat myself more often and have started putting money aside when I can for nothing more than to treat myself! Here I thought I would share with you my top five ways I plan to treat myself.

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I would love to be able to go shopping to the top jewellers and treat myself to anything I love without worrying about the cost. Of course, I would look at everything from 1.5 carat diamond rings to gorgeous sapphire necklaces. It would be lovely to try on everything and decide what suits me.

I wear my eternity ring every day but only tend to wear other things occasionally. That said, I have fallen in love with my Pandora bracelet I got for Christmas.


Last summer I treated myself to a bottle of perfume for over £100, the first time I think I have ever done that. This is definitely something I have decided to treat myself to more often. A nice scent is so important, isn’t it? I find when I wear nice perfume that I like it makes me feel good about myself all day. This Flowerbomb is one of my favourites.

Bottle of Flowerbomb perfume


I love shoes but hate my feet. So, I would love to treat myself to some amazing shoes that would make e feel better about my feet and that would look amazing. I tend to spend most of my time in trainers, flats or boots! Whilst I do have some nice going out shoes I would love to be able to have lots more amazing shoes.


Something I think is really important is having a break from it all and a nice holiday. Whether that be a weekend away or a longer holiday I feel it is definitely something that everyone should save for. The more money I can earn and put aside for breaks away the better. I love the North East, I went to university in Sunderland and had Grandparents in Newcastle, I would love to find a nice lodge with a hot tub in the northeast and have a week away!

Are your favourite holidays relaxing ones or holidays full of adventure? We had a great time glamping in The Cotswolds but equally, I loved a shopping break in Portsmouth! The next place I would love to visit is the lovely city of Edinburgh.

Sunny day with a glamping pod on lovely freshly cut grass


Whilst I may not be able to afford my posh jewellery any time soon I do love to treat myself to little things when I can. This week I bought myself a bunch of flowers for no reason at all other than they looked pretty. I have never looked at flowers and thought they looked pretty so bought them before but it was a lovely feeling.

I am absolutely rubbish at keeping flowers alive for long so I will be able to treat myself regularly to flowers! I have great dreams for plants in the garden too but have the same problem. If you know of anything really nice but that will withstand neglect let me know!

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Do you treat yourself often? I am working on treating myself much more often but avoiding food-related treats. Why is it we often treat ourselves to food when we shouldn’t? Chocolate is so good though, isn’t it? I aim to spend more time making the most of my weekends too, how about you?

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