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I have noticed a lot of bloggers recently writing about what they are looking forward to after the pandemic and lockdown are over and the world is back to normal, or close to normal. I on the other hand thought I would share how the pandemic has changed my life.

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I have only been to a supermarket a handful of times in the last year. As I am clinically extremely vulnerable I have been shielding most of the time and ordering food online. Everything seems to be available online which is great and I get so many parcels already that a few more haven’t made much difference.

I do wonder one day if a lorry load of grand pianos will turn up that I ordered and forgot about! I seem to have Amazon amnesia, do you? What a lifesaver Amazon Prime Now has been though for groceries and Amazon Prime for pretty much everything else!


Have you noticed how some people you have stayed close to even though you have not seen them but other friendships seem to have fizzled out? It has been nice in some ways not seeing people and going days without wearing a bra or getting dressed up, don’t you think? Or maybe you have been working away from the home and have still had to do this?

Will the pandemic change the way you see some people? I know it will for me because there are some people who my opinions have really changed of due to the way they have ignored guidance etc. Others I have become closer to and can’t wait to have a coffee with. The pandemic really has changed my life and outlook of friendships.

Diets and weight loss

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say the pandemic has made me gain weight. Not because Covid itself makes you fat, of course, but the feelings associated with being at home, anxiety alongside wearing leggings and not having to get dressed up all contribute to allowing that weight to slide on!

If you are now starting to panic and think you need to lose some weight remember to do it carefully, crash diets rarely work! Feel free to use my recipes and free weight loss resources to help you.

Thinking about home improvements

Whilst I already worked from home so very little has changed in some respects it has been harder spending months on end at home. We, along with many of you I am sure, have been looking at the same four walls and wondering if we should consider decorating and planning how we will do it.

I have been gradually trying to declutter to make space so this mammoth task is a little easier but it isn’t easy, we have so much stuff! We need new sofas too so at least that is one thing we won’t have to be careful when decorating around. The cost though, how can decorating be so expensive!

Aware of my own health

Not long before the start of the pandemic I was quite unwell with my asthma and in hospital for a couple of nights over New Year. I have had asthma for a number of years, since my late teens, and had issues with it flaring up previously but never been admitted. This combined with being classed as Clinically extremely vulnerable has really made me think how serious my asthma is and scarily how it could be life threatening.

In what ways has the pandemic changed your outlook on things like it has changed my life?

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