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Do you hate getting old? I certainly do, I am 40 next year and I am really not looking forward to it! When science can do so much why oh why can it not stop us aging yet? Crazy world isn’t it.

woman having an injection in her brow
Face needle injection. Young woman cosmetology procedure. Doctor gloves. Brow.

Cosmetic surgery

Facelifts, breast implants and botox. The best botox in Toronto would be great. They are all cosmetic procedures. They can be expensive though and I am not sure I personally would fancy needles just to look in my twenties. Makeup on its own can help make you look younger and is so much cheaper, definitely my preference!

Hair colours

I colour my hair, why would I want grey hairs? However, I am finding though that when the colour grows out a little I have more and more greys coming through. I dread to think how I would look if I didn’t colour my hair. To save money I have my hair dye on Amazon subscribe and save. A great plan if like me you use two packs a time and like to do it regularly!

Hair implants or fibres

If instead of going grey you are loosing hair or your hair is going thin then you may have considered hair implants. Have you seen the Nanogen hair fibres? They look like a great way to have thicker fuller hair without spending as much or pain!

Skincare products

Looking after your skin can make a huge difference in how young you look. With a more natural look and clearer skin, you look amazing. Careful use of highlighters and bronzers without overdoing it can be perfect. So many creams and lotions help you look half your age. Experimenting to find one that works for you is the best plan.

Protect your skin from the sun

The sun really ages your skin, always protecting it from the sun will help. I also wonder if not having children would help your skin to look younger for longer. I definitely think I have aged significantly due to the stresses of parenting.

Do you feel the same? Do you do anything to help you to look younger? Any tips for me approaching 40 to help my hair from not going as blooming grey? Do comment below as any tips may help my sanity!

5 Ways to help you look younger

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