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Your home is a place of sanctuary, a place where you can feel safe, and truly relax. Unfortunately, if you become a victim of burglary, this feeling of security can be lost, and you may be left feeling on edge and unsettled in your house. 

Finding ways to protect your home and your belongings is essential; after all, no one wants to be targeted by thieves. To help lessen your chances of being burgled, it is a good idea to do everything you can to reduce the likelihood of this happening. Here are some of the measures that you can take to help prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crime:

Secure Your Boundaries

Leaving your property boundaries open makes it easier for people to access your home. It also makes it easier for them to observe the belongings that you have in your home and garden. Making the boundary to your home more private and secure can help to make your property much less vulnerable to intruders. Putting up fencing around the border of your home offers you extra privacy and security, and a gated entrance to your property provides an additional barrier. Having automatic gates fitted means that you can enter your property easily, but uninvited guests will be kept out.

Shine a Light on It

Security lights are a useful addition to your home’s security measures as they act as a deterrent. A motion-sensitive security light will enable you to see who is on your property when it is triggered. A security light will also make your property a less attractive prospect for burglars, who would much prefer to operate in the darkness. 

Set Your Alarm

Burglar alarm systems are useful as a deterrent and offer a visible sign that your home is protected. Having a burglar alarm, like one of the Verisure Smart Alarms, installed should make your home less vulnerable. This is especially true if other homes on your road are without alarm systems, as intruders usually seek out the easiest targets for burglary.

Make sure that you only give the alarm code to people that you trust, to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands.

Don’t Forget Your Doors

When considering new ways to keep their home secure, many people forget about the most basic form of security a home has, which is the doors. If your doors are in a bad state of repair, it could be time to consider making the entrance to your home more secure. 

You may want to think about getting new doors installed for added protection.  However, if the doors themselves are still ok, you may decide to opt for a more robust locking system for added peace of mind.

Reduce Opportunities for Opportunists

Make sure that you don’t fall victim to an opportunist thief, and ensure that you always implement your security measures. That one time that you pop out for ten minutes and don’t close the gates or set the burglar alarm could, unfortunately, be the time that a thief strikes.

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