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There is so much demand nowadays to live a more eco-friendly life so I thought I would share with you 6 different ways I would love to live an eco-friendly life.

None of them suits my life at the moment but they are all things I would love to do if I could. I do try to buy more sustainable clothing when I can.

An array of general waste and rubbish
Plastic garbage in a landfill

Nappies and wipes

If I had another baby, I would use more eco-friendly nappies and wipes. Reusable baby wipes and nappies look really easy to use. The impact on the environment is huge too and an easy eco-friendly life swap.

When Ben was young it wasn’t really common to use reusable wipes and nappies but it is so popular now and they are so easy to buy.

Cycle more

I would love to be able to cycle more and have a bike with a basket to go shopping with. It just makes me picture being in France with a baguette sticking out of the basket riding home from the bakery! Maybe one day!

I am not ready to ditch the car just yet but maybe just maybe one day I will.

Compost and recycle more

I hate gardening and never really do much. With a small garden too it is not really worth my while to compost my rubbish though I wish I could. I already recycle quite a lot but I would love to recycle more. Many things are not collected in our area that are in other areas which is a shame I think.

I guess in time this will change as there is more and more pressure on the government to recycle.

Use less single use plastic for an eco-friendly life

I would love to use less single-use plastic but there is so much in everything we buy from the supermarket it is frustrating. Maybe in time that will be easier to do. It would probably help if I was not so useless at forgetting my bags when I go shopping too!

For now, a couple of swaps I recommend are switching from a plastic toothbrush to a bamboo toothbrush and ditching single-use plastic coffee cups for a reusable bamboo coffee cup.

I really can not understand why everything seems to come in plastic. Bananas have their own skin, why put them in plastic too?

Less food waste

Have you seen the website or app Olio? It is a great way to give away food you no longer need or can not use. Unfortunately there are not many people near me that seem to use it. I have listed things on there a few times and without success. In time I hope it will become more popular and less will be wasted. In the meantime I donate to food banks when I can and give to friends where possible.

Use less chemicals

This is one I really should do but never seem to have time. I would love to stop buying cleaning chemicals for example for the bathroom and just use vinegar, bicarbonate of soda etc. Perhaps I need some tips from eco blogger Emma who is great with things like that!

Don’t overlook the idea of finding great eco-friendly gifts too. There are changes you can make to every bit of your life. I found these Eco friendly festival tips really helpful too.

Pinterest pin of a hand holding a sprouting tree

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