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Fashion is king and also some tasty eye candy for most people, if not all. But more often, it’s the kind that’s somewhat subtle to don the head-turning look for most of them. One of the essential areas needing constant pampering for sustained confidence is the hair. It’s the greatest treasure for most people, with this much attention dating back to medieval times. However, natural hair sometimes doesn’t seem to cut it, so patching a wig becomes more feasible.

Most people – more so women – face an uphill task trying to blend their hair and don a completely natural look, and rightly so. Blending synthetic hair to resonate with the natural ones is genuinely a prized challenge that most people have to deal with. Nonetheless, there are workable ways to achieve that, and here are essential tips to use.

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1. Using lace fronts and monofilament tops

Monofilament tops and lace fronts are game-changers in making wigs look all-natural such that it’s even hard to convince people otherwise. They work out the hairline and make the wig strands appear like they’re cropping right out of the scalp. Besides, since monofilament tops contain individually sewn strands, they mimic natural hair movements with their near-natural flexibility.

It’d help to get smarter with wearing lace fronts and monofilament tops, however. For a more natural look, it’s always prudent to take all the time to align the wig with the natural hairline. To do that meticulously, one can start by putting them on the forehead, then slide the back until their bottoms align with the hairline before strapping it.

2. Blending the wig 

A Billie Eilish-look with a stray of patterned hair colours is just okay. But that doesn’t appear natural or convince anyone that it’s the type of hair growing from the scalp. However, that’s far-fetched for an example, but the idea is, people who match wig colours with their natural hair tinges have an incredible chance to deal with the fake hair gossips that they have a wig patched on their heads.

3. Keeping closer tabs with hairdos

An occasional visit to a stylist every two weeks or so for a hairdo won’t bite. It’d play a colossal part in keeping the nitty-gritty details in natural hair more intact and prominent since synthetic wigs seem to give in after some time. However, people who already understand the intricacies of adjustments can do that by themselves. That includes trimming the wig or styling it to maintain its shape. As usual, hair never stops growing and could prop the wig as the natural ones become denser. Or, I would recommend a headband wig which is super easy to make your wig look natural and easy to style. Therefore, getting a trim now and then can work miracles in maintaining a natural look on wigs.

4. Constant wig replacement

Replacing the wig at least after three months does the trick, and while people tend to keep them on longer, that won’t work for those who want a natural hair look. The reason is that after some time, wig strands start losing their flexibility and become dirtier. That sells people out because natural hair tends to replenish or naturally re-nourish after some time, so it’s prudent to fall in line. A wig that’s lived its best days can accumulate dirt and become smelly, a perfect harbinger for donning synthetic hair.

Human hair wigs such as U part wigs tend to look more natural because the material isn’t synthetic and, therefore, an ideal choice. However, synthetic hair wigs are cheaper alternatives and popular, but keeping them look natural is more demanding.

5. Using the right size

Unless an oversized wig feels appealing to some people, they do more harm than good in making wigs look all-natural. The apparent reason is that natural hair, regardless of size, has a unique natural look that synthetic hair finds challenging to mimic, which sells them out. People who don’t know their exact ideal sizes can visit a stylist to get the correct measurements. Or, a simple guess that’s not far-fetched can still work since most wigs have velcros with about an inch adjustment allowance.

6. Do some constant fine touches

While replacing the wig is a more feasible option for a natural look, you can still pamper it with a few consistent touches and maintain its glow. That’s, however, different from hairdos since these touches don’t alter the size or style but rather condition it to prevent untimely wearing out. Dry shampoo will make the wig strands more matte, and some fabric softeners will go the extra distance of maintaining their flexibility.


One of the essential parts that need constant attention and caring is the human hair and sometimes demands people to go with it. Mostly wigs tend to be the solution if natural hair doesn’t seem to catch up. The challenge, however, is to make them look as natural as possible and stop people from second-guessing.

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