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In some ways I actually quite liked the lockdown. It was a strange few months and to be honest I think it still is. There are some things I did during lockdown that I am definitely going to continue. Are you the same or are you looking forward to everything being back to normal?

coffee with froth on the top and a cinnamon stick and biscuit on the saucer

Less food waste

During lockdown as I was shielded due to severe asthma that hospitalised me earlier in the year, I did all my shopping online.

This made me more motivated to check what we had in the fridge before ordering food and waste a lot less.


I always used to read a lot but had fallen out of the habit. Over recent months I have read a lot more and this is something I am determined to continue.

What books do you read? I am currently reading The Accident and can’t put it down! Reading is a great way to relax and have “me time” I have found.

If, like me, you often struggle to choose new books or want to try something different then a book blogger could give you some ideas. Check out Travelling Book Junkie for some great ideas.

Online pharmacy

I already used an online pharmacy for my prescriptions but lockdown made me realise how amazing it is and I now order Ben’s prescriptions from an online pharmacy too.

I have yet to order his Epipens though so I am not sure how that will work, his other medications have been great.

Not wearing a bra

How liberating is it when you don’t wear a bra? I absolutely love it and am definitely doing it more often when I am at home and have not got to go anywhere or see anyone.

On the other hand, I have bought new bras which are super comfy and I hadn’t realised how old and uncomfy my others were! Having a comfortable bra is so important, isn’t it?

Drinking more water

As Stuart has been at home and working from home I have been drinking more water as he does. It is good for you but I am always terrible at getting through the day on just a coffee in the morning.

I have shared before how I am rubbish at not drinking enough but I do think this has become a new habit now.

Smart working

I work much smarter than I did before. Procrastinating and dithering really is my thing but I have started trying to time block a bit more and plan my time.

Smart working is really helping me because I get more done and am generally just much more organised.

Video conferences

I had not often used Zoom, Microsoft teams etc and the lockdown has pushed me to use them more and I love them. This has got me thinking that I might actually arrange some meetings by video conference for brands that want to work with me to discuss terms etc.

It would be a great way to be more personal as sometimes working from home and doing everything by email is a little impersonal I think.

Has lockdown changed anything for you? Have you been able to buy a new house and take advantage of the stamp duty holiday?

Have you started any habits you are going to keep? If you are reading any good books do share them with me as I would love new ideas.

If you found this helpful please share!

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  1. Thank you Jen for your ideas , and recipes, I liked the lick down have done that’s of jobs around the house and garden, what I would never have time to do normal time, we went for a walk on a Saturday then and still do