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It is important for everyone to take steps to protect themselves against dangerous infections. One commonly overlooked infection at the flu. 

Even though the flu seems to come around every year, there are measures that people can take to protect themselves. This includes getting a flu shot. Also known as a flu vaccine, what are a few of the most important going to keep tonight? 

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When Does the Flu Vaccine Come out Each Year?

In general, the flu vaccine is released in the fall prior to the seasonal flu arriving in the winter. The CDC and medical professionals use the warmer months to figure out which strains of the flu are going to be common this year. 

Then, they develop a vaccine that is usually released in the fall. It is a good idea for individuals to follow the information that is released by their doctors as well as information that is posted in pharmacies to keep up with the release of the flu vaccine. 

Is it Necessary to Take the Influenza Vaccine Every Year?

Yes, it is necessary to take the influenza vaccine every year. The flu virus mutates quickly. Every year, the strains of the flu that come out are different than the strains from the year. Therefore, the body needs to develop different antibodies to it. 

This is the role of the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is designed to predict which strains are going to be more common this year. Then, the vaccine is designed to help the body produce antibodies against them. 

How Is the Flu Vaccine Predicted Every Year?

There are countless influenza centers that are located all over the world. These centers are designed to collect strains of the virus that are present in their territory as the weather cools. Then, this information is shared among the different countries as they are trying to decide how to build the flu vaccine. 

This helps each country predict which strains of the flu are going to arrive as the temperature cools and their areas. As a result, routine testing and objective information are used to predict which strains are going to be more common this year. The surveillance data along will the historical factors are both used to come up with a strong flu vaccine every year. 

How Late into the Flu Season Is It Still Worth it to Get a Flu Shot?

If the vaccine is still available, it is important for everyone to invest in the flu vaccine. Even if the vaccine is given later, this can still provide adequate protection into the spring. There are reports of the flu continuing to circulate in local communities through March and April. 

Therefore, late protection is always better than no protection. Everyone should keep up with the supply of the flu vaccine in their area, so they know when to get it and how to receive it. There are often insurance incentives that are given to those who get the vaccine.

How Long Is the Flu Vaccine Effective For?

It is designed to last for several months after receiving it. The peak of immune protection is usually delivered right after the vaccination has been received. Then, the vaccination starts to fade with each passing month. 

Therefore, those who get the vaccine in August might find that their immune system will start to wane by March. Therefore, is always recommended that people get the flu vaccine starting around September or October. This is usually when it comes available. Then, the vaccine will last until April or May, providing maximum protection when it is needed most. 

Is it Okay to Take a Flu Shot During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is not only safe but is also encouraged for women who are pregnant to get this protection. According to information that has been published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology, it is recommended that all women who are pregnant during the winter months get the flu vaccine. Regardless of the trimester, the flu vaccine is recommended. Everyone should follow the advice of their doctor and women who are pregnant should get the flu shot. 

Can You Get the Flu from the Flu Shot?

No, it is not possible to get the flu from the flu shot. The flu shot is made using dead viruses. Therefore, these viruses are not capable of causing an infection. On the other hand, the immune system is still going to react to the virus. 

Therefore, people may notice some slight discomfort as the immune system reacts to the flu vaccine. Keep in mind that the flu is significantly worse than the immune system’s response to the flu vaccine. Therefore, everyone should make sure that they get the flu shot every year. 

What is the Difference Between a Vaccine and a Flu Shot?

There is no difference between the flu vaccine and the flu shot. These are different names for the same thing. Whether someone is referring to the influenza vaccine or the flu shot, they are talking about the shot that is given to protect people from the flu.

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