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When we think about dirty places we think of toilets, floors and public places. We don’t often think about the more close to home places that we find germs.

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Germs at work

Your Keyboard and mouse

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard and mouse? Do you eat at your desk? Think of all the bacteria that are hiding there!

Shared kitchen

If there is a shared kitchen at work does anyone have the responsibility to clean it? If not how many microscopic bits of old food could there be there from everyone using it on a daily basis?

Germs out and about

At the doctors

We usually go to the doctors to get better but forget that in the process of doing this everyone is there sharing their illnesses on handles, magazines and pens on the counter.


I love shopping and always feel like if we avoid being too close to people coughing and sneezing we are probably ok. Sadly though this is not always the case. Door handles, money and even credit card machines all being covered in germs. Had you even thought about the germs in your purse or in mens wallets on the money?


Buffets and shared cutlery containers can be really dirty places. Have you considered how many people touch things here? Do you know how long the food has been on the buffet? Also something else to consider is if the food has been kept at the right temperature. Maybe the food you are about to eat is growing bacteria as you look at it deciding which to have?

The Gym

Sweat on all the equipment and the warm environment is like a magnet for bacteria. If you do not wipe equipment after use and others don’t too then you are sharing skin particles and more with them all.

At home

The bathroom

We know that the toilet is going to have all sorts of bacteria on but have you thought about the taps, the doorknobs and even the light switch? How often do you clean those?

The kitchen

Around the sink can be so dirty, don’t forget all the germs that can multiply on warm wet surfaces like cloths and sponges and change or disinfect these regularly.

Remote controls

Had you even thought of these as dirty places? I hadn’t until I was really thinking about it and remembered how often it is touched and how little it is cleaned. Can you imagine anything else in the house that would be used numerous times daily but cleaned infrequently?

Are there any places you can think of that are full of bacteria that I have not covered? Which places do you always avoid? I know my mum tends to use the top bit of handles in public areas as they are less used so likely to be cleaner. I had never thought of that!

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