I was recently sent a lovely bundle of goodies by giffgaff to enjoy a night in. Obviously, that was before the Coronavirus outbreak got so serious and we all had to stay home anyway! It was a great pack of goodies we love so I wanted to share with you.

Smartphone projector, headphones, bluetooth speaker and candle all from giffgaff

What did they send me?

So, they sent me a whole box of goodies. Some of which Ben has already claimed! The box included, a candle for relaxing with, earphones, a Bluetooth speaker and a smartphone projector! All great fun to enjoy as a family or even just as a stressed parent with kids in bed!

Why choose eco-friendly?

We all need to be doing our best to protect the environment don’t we for future generations. Sometimes this isn’t possible or practical but when we can we always should, don’t you think? For example, buying things with more recyclable packaging and avoiding unnecessary chemicals where possible.

I have just bought an EcoEgg to try for the clothes washing. It will hopefully save me a fortune as well as help the environment so fingers crossed! I also found on Amazon some Ecozone blocks to put in your toilet cistern which seems to be pretty good so far.

I was impressed to discover that the goodies giffgaff sent me are all made using recycled or sustainable materials. This is a great move and really shows that in every way possible they are trying to do their best for our environment. A gift like this could easily have been full of plastic, couldn’t it?

Refurbished phones

One thing giffgaff are really passionate about is encouraging everyone to do more and consider refurbished phones. If you are a bit unsure what a refurbished phone actually is and how well they are checked etc do check out their information page.

Do you make any eco-friendly swaps in your home? There are so many you could try, here are some a fellow blogger has done.

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